GE: Messari Disclosures Registry

GE Name : Messari Disclosures Registry

Time frame : No more than a week at most depending on communication turn around.

Hypothesis : Brand sentiment and UX can be improved by having a dedicated up to date price source for all PieDAO current and future projects.

Description : It’s a recurring occurrence on PieDao’s Discord to see crypto analytic platform feature requests constantly needing to be either voted on or followed up on by various community members. The main resource for price information sent to the community is CoinGecko. At times, the polling for PieDAO offerings have lagged several hours from the market price. Uniswap liquidity can help with some of these issues but CoinGecko includes this warning on their pages:

“Kindly be aware that liquidity provided in Uniswap can be removed by providers at any moment (see rug pulling) and may result in a collapse in available liquidity. Please exercise caution when trading! This notice is NOT directed at any project in particular, and is more of a cautionary reminder for our users.”

This proposal asks to leverage Messari’s open source disclosures registry to be able to fast track having PieDAO assets and real time price feeds listed on /

Benefits from joining also include announcements on their social and email channels. Also, for those unfamiliar with the brand, they provide professional tools for enterprise users. Coinbase and Multicoin Capital are among their clients. Solana is the newest project to join the Messari Registry and there are several projects that we hold in Pies that are also registered.

More information about joining:

Metrics : TVL, # addresses holding LP tokens, news coverage, and social media engagement related to this growth experiment. We should also be able to work with Messari on how to best leverage this GE since providing a good experience in joining their registry furthers their own goals.

Definition of Success : More buzz over the technical achievements of Pie Vaults because this GE targets crypto professionals.

Resources Needed : $10,000 and communication with the Messari team.

GE Confidence Rate : 9, the greatest risk here is Messari’s brand being tarnished in a scandal and the backlash spilling over to affiliated brands. This also doubles as a PR spend which has a $0 budget currently.


Great idea but to my eyes it is expensive.

How would the return on it be evaluated?

Agree with Bozo. How can the success be tracked? Would we have access to metrics on views to our charts from Messari? Can incorporate their charts into the PieDAO site in addition to being added to the registry?

Being listed on Messari would give the project a huge boost in legitimacy and exposure to advanced/serious investors in the crypto space although it is a steep price to pay per year. Maybe an exploratory conversation can be had with the Messari team.

I think the treasury has done over $10k in fees in a single day a few times so not bad in terms of a day of the DAO’s work.

I would hope in a year’s time the recognition will be there to not be in the registry to have services like Blockfolio and Zapper fast track requests to get new PieDAO products up, instead of having to vote or ping them reminders.

An exploratory conversation is a good jump off point. Could someone with a PieDAO email or in control of the Twitter shoot them a message? Is there a process to put that kind of request in?

I like the idea of jumping onto
I think a metric of success is probably knowing how many people are holders of PieDAO products thru Messari. If Messari shows greater growth then conventional, then it is a success. We are the product for companies like this, so I imagine they have info on wallet address transactions.

Though if we want to get more traditional investors, I think we need to update how we explain our products on the website. It can seem a little silly if you don’t know what your looking for.

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