GE: Source Cred

Hi all, before starting , this proposal is more a “signal post”. Just to have some feedbacks and start a more formal discussion.

GE Name: Reward participation on the forum (source cred)

Time frame : several months + extension

Hypothesis: Will encourage member of the DAO to participate and be more involved

Description: We will have, hopefully soon, some marketing campaigns ( here and here)

If it works as planned, we should see an increase of members on discord and here. So we will need to be more organised. Until now, most discussions are done on Discord. It’s still ok, as it’s still relatively easy to follow. But if we increase our members by 3 -4 or even more, it will be more complicated.

As a DAO, I think , we also want to reward active users. More and more DAO are doing that, either with grants, with tips … An other way is to use source cred.

“A tool for communities to measure and reward value creation.”

Basically you can set up some parameters and each users will get a score and you can then give rewards based on that score . You will always have some people trying to trick the system , but you can easily spot it. And overall it works quite well.

We already discuss that possibility on discord and several members were interested.

Personally, I really think it can add value to the forum.

Metrics: Number of members on discourse, number of posts , likes, quotes… I never managed a discourse forum, so I don’t know what kind of metrics you have acces to.

Definition of success: A significant increase of members. But overall a increase of the quality of posts. It’s already the case, but more discussion seems to happen on discord.

Resources: Would be nice to use DOUGH for this. It also make a lot of sense to give the gouvernance token when you are involved on a DAO. I honestly don’t know. Maybe 500 DOUGH/month (or even less) to start and see how it works and if people are happy.

We will also need someone to implement it. Easy to say, but I think it’s not very hard (if you know what you are doing ^^)

And maybe someone to manage it. Ask address to new users (for payment) …

To go Further: At this stage I think it’s not a very solid proposal. It’s more to have a first feedback and see what members and “the core team” are thinking about this option .

If you think it’s a nice initiative, and it can bring values, I will need to find someone to help with the technical part.


On forum + emoji reactions on Discord.

Sounds like a sensible idea.

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Personally I would only do it for the forum. The idea behind this is also to bring more discussion here. And really use the forum to build the community and improve the protocol.

And I see discord more like a friendly place and somewhere to welcome and help new members (because we don’t have a TG group) on a daily basis. It also helps to start building ideas but then more formal discussion should happen here. So we can keep track of it.

I also think it’s too easy to trick the system on discord, and I’ll be hard to follow. If we want to reward members on discord, I think a system with tips, where few moderators have a small budget every month could be a better idea. And it will also be easier to do.

This is only my opinion ^^ and it’s also because it’s how most DAO do. I never saw a source cred on discord yet. A lot of projects spoke about it, but never saw it working. Did you ?

Hey, great to see such proposal. Apart being a contributor to Sourcecred from time to time, I really think this approach (or other similar tools) that rewards community for the value brought is critical for the project on the long run.

There are three plugins right now that could suit PieDao to track & reward value for contributions made. Discord, discourse and github are these ones. Basically it will compute all the contributions across these plugins to make a contribution graph that will provide an individual score (reputational, non transferable) for every member. On top of this score, we’ll back some money (dough or DAI or …) that will flow in proportion to the score.

Given the existing use of the three platforms by the Pie members, I would recommend to plug Sourcecred with the three plugins. We can then modify parameters across the different plugins to get the desired outcome. If we want to value more discourse post, that are usually more indepth, then we can make a bigger weight on Discourse.

I would tend to think that “value” is composable. It’s likely that some ideas will be triggered in the discord (if not all of them). Then it’s explored in details with a discourse post. And eventually, it gets into the production phase with a PR in github.

couple points that come to my mind :

  • As @Cryptouf suggested, small is beautiful. It’s worth to start with small amounts (but still meaningful) of money to see how this works.

  • the calibration part could be like 2 months to see the effect of changing some parameters. And we usually make a 1 week or 2 weeks iterations to observe/discuss/change…

  • it’s only a tool so it’s really up to the community to have the conversations on what kind of incentives and value we want to see. The tool can, and will, change across the time :grinning: to adapt to what the community wants.

  • 1hive, MakerDao and Metagame are some of the first communities that have been using this tool with their respective goals (decentralization, tracking emotional/artistic labour, governance)

  • The communities are usually flowing back to Sourcecred a [5 or 10]% of all the monetary value that has been distributed

last, but not least there is a community call every Tuesday at 8pm CET in the discord server : good place to get to know the people behind the tech!

It actually works quite well, in the cred explorer Sourcecred you examples with details regarding discord posts. It usually relates to the reactions the post got. You usually calibrate the weight for emojis according to your own rule :grinning:

  • a weight for traditional emoji could by x1 and it relates to “it was worth to have read this post”

  • a weight for special emojis (pie, slice) could be x1.5 or x2 and it relates to “this input is extremely valuable for our community”

It also creates a space to track the emotional or artistic labour. We have two channels in the discord :

  • #did-a-thing where anyone can post the things that have been done (like my posts here in PieDao) and people from the community will react on it.

  • #props where anyone can say aloud (with written words though) thanks to specific persons that have aided or impacted you… and people from the community can react as well with emoji

These two channels have some really neat side effects. It captures what is going on in the community. It enhance the connection between members of community : emotions is the most straightforward experience of being alive and part of this community . It is also a nice feedback loop.

Hi @benoxmo

Thanks for your reply.

I just registered on their discord to see how it works.
I’m not against using the 3 plugins. It was more to make things simple at the beginning. For instance using it on Github is also very nice. But I guess not so many members (at the moment) as using it expect the core devs. So if someone do a major contribution or something useful, it will be easy to spot, and we can reward him/her with a grant.

The DAO has other way to reward people, so this is why I was mostly focusing on the forum. Also, the idea behind this, it to reward people “really involved in the DAO” and spending time to move it forward. Basically if someone is popular on Discord and make funny jokes, he/she should not be more reward than someone putting time and effort to write proposals, give constructive feebacks…

BUT. Now, that I know each emojis as a different “power” it’s not the same story ^^ and if people use it carefully it can be a good idea.

So basically I nothing against using it everywhere ! So if others members have feedbacks please let us know.

I’d like to join, but It’s very hard for me to join calls at the moment. If one day i quit my job and become a full time comm / marketing manager it would be easier :rofl:

And are you a core member of Cred ? or just a member ? Another way to ask: Would you be able to implement it ?
As said above, I’m not sure I can do it myself, so would be happy to team up with someone (or make a small group) to work on that. Can probably help after, to add members … but not to “instal” it.

Ps: I’ll create a poll in the next post.

I’d like to have some feedbacks. And to know if it is worth continuing in this direction.

The first question is:

Should we use Source Cred ?
  • Yes
  • No

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If you answered yes:
First I proposed to only use it for the Forum, and if we want to reward people on Discord we could use Tips, and give grants for people involved on Github for example. But i’d like to know your opinion !

Should we used it for: (multiple choices possible)
  • Discourse (Forum)
  • Discord
  • GitHub

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Whaouu only 1 vote ! :disappointed_relieved:

After speaking with @benoxmo on the #french channel on discord.

It’s apparently relatively easy to set up

Instructions here:
Template here:

So if a dev, our someone will time and skills to do it want to help , please let me know !

I totally agree with @Cryptouf to focus on the forum in terms of developing the DAO / core community etc. I made good experience with another project, which when launched had only a forum for the first 9-12 months. A great community which really works and discusses together has been developed in this time (no memes, price discussions, when moon etc.).

At some point when more and more people joined, a Telegram group has been opened and later on just a month ago a Discord group. Result:

  • Much less traffic on the forum
  • Less deep dive discussions as the community has been divided somehow
  • Telegram / Discord not really useful for development of a community more to shill a coin or great for newbies who need quick help

Thus I would suggest, to focus on the forum and find maybe other solutions to help newbies (like me) in a different more structured way by building great FAQs etc. As a final goal FAQs should not be necessary at all, aka the product is that simple that no one has to ask how it works. Thus people who wont to contribute more will become active here, while the majority could just happily buy and enjoy their Pie’s.

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hi @Neo, sorry i missed you answer , Yes good faq is several languages could be nice. There is already FAQ on almost all pages of the website. But something like a wiki could be nice. Even, if by experience, usually people don’t spend time to read it ^^

Otherwise, i also found this tool. Looks very easy to tip people on discord and telegram

So could be a good alternative