GE: Sponsor Today In DeFi Newsletter

GE Name: Sponsor Today in Defi
Time frame : Q1
Hypothesis: Today in Defi has around 1000 subscribers who receive the newsletter daily. Readers are primarily interested in the latest DeFi news and alpha. Our PieVaults are the perfect product for this audience, automating yield farming strategies. The expectancy is that the close target user/ product alignment will lead to a high CTR and significant boost to TVL.
Description: Test a range of messages around the core themes of yield-maximisation, efficiency, and diversification over the Q1 period. Direct traffic to the Oven, a seamless funnel to maximise user onboarding gas-free.

We will provide a 4-5 sentence paragraph plus graphic, which can be modified daily to connect with relevant DeFi news. Our own content will also be prioritised as news.

In light of the close alignment, the initiative will focus on YPIE and BCP via Oven.
Metrics: CTR of people from the sponsor converting into using the Oven.

With average 1000 views per post I calculate a CPM of $102, highly competitive in comparison with the other newsletters I ahve reached out to.
Definition of success:
YPIE Value Locked from: $273k to $1m (4x growth)
YPIE holders from 88 to 300 (3.5x growth)
BCP VL: $2.7m to $4m (1.5x growth)
BCP token holders: 79 to 240 (3x growth)

Resources: $1000/month x 3 months for sponsorship, dev time to setup analytics tracking from the blog to conversion, design help for graphics.

I have already written the content around the core messages that we should test. The sponsorship will also include an announcement tweet thread to 9k Twitter followers. We will be joining Aave as sponsors this quarter, rotating every other day.


I have severals questions/comments. And it’s also for me to understand, as I’m just starting to look at those metrics.

You said


100% of subscribers open the newsletter every day ? It’s the kind of metric I try to understand. It’s like people with 50k followers but only 2 likes when they post something :sweat_smile:

I just checked the substack. I’m not sure I really see how it will work.

So every day during 3 months they will RT (because this newsletter is basically a summary of Tweets) what the @PieDAO_DeFi page tweets ? Or do they have a banner or something like that ? Or maybe I’m completely wrong, and you are speaking about a newsletter by email , and i didn’t see it ^^

Seems to be the important part in order to explain what PieDAO is.

Your expectation seems very high to me :rofl:. Especially if there is only one “full article”.
Can we first try 1 month with one full article and see ? Or at least have 1 full thread every month.

Also, on a more technical point of view. It means we can only have 1 campaign at a given time. Otherwise, it will be hard to follow. Because even if you have an analytics tracking from the blog to conversion. I guess some people will discover the project, check the twitter page, think about it. and maybe a few weeks later they will bake a pie, but not using the tracked link.