GE1 [Open day at the bakery]


Yes it’s also a good idea. (I didn’t know it was possible to do that) .
We can do that either with Pie or Dough or even with ETH or DAI. A kind of community bakery. … Bake together …

But I think it’s another proposal, and we won’t have the same message / target with a campaign like that. Maybe something to keep in mind for later when we have more members.

BTW: If someone wants to "collaborate’ on a proposal, I’m happy to help and work with someone on another idea. Just send me a pm on discord.

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Excellent proposal and feedback, thanks for kicking off the community initiatives @Cryptouf!

Full support. Let’s harness the power of memes and spread the word of just how game-changing Oven is.

If this proves to be an effective strategy I would love to see future contests that focused on the multi-yield strategies of PieVaults.

Did someone say PieSocks?? :eyes:



How does it work then. Do we have to write a proposal ?
I’ll wait until the end of the week and then write an updated version trying to take into account feedbacks and make a more precise plan.

Yes, could be a separated contest (with PieSocks to win :rofl:) or can be included in that one.

Can you please share, here or in private, what are your different messages (( So then we can try to organize this campaign around that.

If people have time and idea, i’d like specific feedbacks on those points


How long per contest. 1 or 2 weeks ? @richandcreamy suggested 2 weeks. I see good points and bad points for that ^^

  • Good: give more time for people to create MEME
  • Bad: Than the campaign will be diluted, and if we want to catch the momentum it could be too long. And except for the creation side, 2 weeks to RT is a very long period, and I’m not sure we will see an increase after the first week.

idea: We don’t need to do MEME for each contest. We can do 1 only with RT, then one TR + MEME …

I proposed 100$ per prize and 5 prizes per contest (when we have a MEME contest).
So let’s say we do a 2 month campaign, with an aternance in term of MEME contest / no-MEME and 2 weeks / 1 week.

We have 5 contests, 3 with MEME and 2 without. so 3x5 + 2x2 = 19

So the total budget will be 19x100 = 1900$, for 5 contests and 19 winners. If it’s too much we can reduce and have only 1 winner for the RT side and 2 for the meme contest.

I also suggest using this idea, and not give stablecoin.


Like @richandcreamy’s idea to have different judging method. And if we have 3 MEME contests, we can do 1 judged on discord and one by a judge panel and 1 with the most engagement. It should bring more people on Discord.


We could invite people to the Discord to direct appeal to the judges.

I’ve seen campaigns last as long as a month. A music artist promoting an album release by giving away a Nintendo Switch for example. It would allow enough time for people to ask their contacts to help RT but on the other hand if people are not putting in that much effort it could make the contest look stale.

Since there are other growth initiatives in the pipeline let’s go with 1 week? Also, if we get into DAO rush week, let’s launch week 1 competition at the same time?

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Yep, but the idea here was also to have shorter time frame, to allow more contests . So we can speak about all messages.

TBH I like the 1/2 weeks frame. Maybe we can start with a one-week contest (so without MEME) but just advertise the next one saying it will be a MEME contest, so creative people are already aware. But it also depends on the number of topic we have.

Let’s wait for @Nushi to come back here.
But i see 3 main topics: Oven (gas), BCP (diversification) , YPIE /PIEVAULT (Yield farming).

And then when we have more followers/members/user. We can maybe crate an other campain, with goodies (socks … ) and give more time .

I really thing we need to do something quick soon to take advantage of the momentum .


Ok guys.

The forum is very quiet but really think we should more forward and do it soon. Especially after the proposal on Aave. We will gain visibility thanks to that, so it’s time to take advantage of this.

So what I propose as a Final GE:

1 month campaign. 3 topics.

1st Event: 1 week: RT contest/ like. Twitter account. Topic = Diversification (BCP)
2nd Event: 2 weeks : Meme contest + RT contest/ like. Twitter account. Topic = Oven
3rd Event: 1 week: RT contest/ like. Twitter account . Topic = Yiled farming + metagouvernance

So we have 3 contests in 1 month. If we have rewards like this

2 prizes of 50$ for RT contest
and 5 prizes of 100$ for the Meme contest + RT contest/ like

In total, we need a budget of 2 x 2 x 50 + 5x100 = 700$

What do you think ?


I agree we should cement the proposal and move it to a vote.

These are good core themes, I would propose a slight variation:

  1. BCP (diversification)
  2. Oven (gas-saving)
  3. PieVaults (multiple yield-farming strategies)

These are our strongest core messages currently, and the contest will allow us to see which gain the most engagement and new users.

I wonder if we can better systemise the process. What do you see as the advantages of splitting between RT/ memes? Perhaps it may be easier for people to get involved if we open it up as a Creativity contest, asking for memes, RTs, blogs, videos, graphics and more?

This may be a clearer message to spread - three weeks, three core themes, but all mediums and content is welcomed.

I think we may better incentivise engagement if we budget $1200, to be distributed in $BCP or a pie of your choice.

Each week $400 of pie to win: 1st place, $250, 2nd $100 3rd $50

All tweets/ posts should use a hashtag to further spread the word, perhaps piedaocreativitycontest

We should also require a link, either to Discord or Oven.

My thoughts are this will make the process clearer and more effectively drive engagement and growth.

Would love to hear yours and others thoughts here.


Yep totally agree.

I’ll try to make a mock up of each Tweet. So we can have a better idea. I just wanted to be sure about the core themes.

Regarding process/prize, the idea of splitting, is because a lot of people don’t have time or idea or skills to create content. And if you only do a creative contest a lot of people won’t participate.
And also because if you only have to like + RT, its more random and everybody can win. So at the end you will have more visibility because people will share the tweet.

Personally when i see a contest like this (only with content creation) if I don’t have time, I’ll just ignore the tweet.

And the last reason is, if we only do creative contest and with different prizes, then we will have to find a way to judge.

What do you think guys ? And just to keep in mind: this is the first GE, so if it works, we can do an other round ^^


Sounds good CryptoOuf. Will you take ownership of this contest and run it?

If so, I propose to attach an additional bounty for your efforts. How much time do you think it would take you?

  • I don’ believe having multiple prizes would boost engagement so better to keep only one and reduce the budget
  • I like contests, they are a formidable tool. However I will invite you to keep in mind that it is not a tool we can use too often (aka we cannot do contests every month) so better make the most of it
  • I would limit it to 1 channel at a time (e.g. FB) as I believe it is a good opportunity to test the efficacy of the channel itself
  • Who is going to run the campaign formally? For example, do we need a PieDAO FB account to do so?

I think it should not be too long. Especially if I have quick feedbacks. We can probably coordinate on discord for some details, if we all agree on the big picture here.

I guess the main Twitter account should post it first. I don’t have access to it, so someone from the core team will have to post. I can mock up tweets . And take feedbacks. So then you (or someone else) will just have to copy/past it.

Then it will depend on what we do exactly, 3 Meme contests, only 1? … Because we will need to judge it. So either we do a “more likes win contest” or we create a small comity.

As @Nushi suggested , we can ask people to share their tweet on the discord + use a # .

And for the RT contest, I’m sure there are software to do it. But again I think you need to have access to the main account. But this part should be easy.

  • You mean only one win / contest ?
  • Yes sure, if we have nothing to say no need to run a contest. But it’s a very powefull tool to promote new product . So yes, i agree it should not be systematic if we have nothing to say
  • Yes, the idea is to do it on Twitter (not sure why you are mentioning FB here, do we have a FB page?)
  • See my answer above. The official Twitter account should do it.

Other important topics are:

  • Goal and metrics: retweets or likes are nice but what are we hoping to achieve exactly? This can be anything (e.g. 10% increase in Discord followers, 1M increase in TVL or 20% increase in ETH in the oven per week) as long as they are aligned with business objectives and we are able to track them.
  • Are we ready? What’s missing? List please anything important from being sure tracking for relevant metric is implemented to possible content/visuals assets
  • I meant 1 winner per contest (no 2nd and 3rd place); only my opinion here.
  • FB was only a random channel

The main goal here is to increase visibility. And slowly start to put Pies in the head of users. So a good metric will be 10% increase in Twitter followers , and then see if it brings more users on discord and discourse. Not sure TVL is the target here. Let’s start slowly

And to be honest we gave several k $ to appear in 1 or 2 videos. What does it bring ? If we only do 1 winner the budget is 300$, so I guess it’s nothing. I agree that you want to track success and don’t spend money for nothing, It makes a lot of sense. But this campaign won’t cost much, can have a big impact. Especially now ! And if all youtubers asking for a sponsorship really care about the project, they will probably RT the contest. So at the end you have almost the same visibility , but it’s free ^^

And the other option is to be more simple. Just do one contest, speak about the oven, 100$ prize, one winner. Gas price are just crazy since one week. It’s the perfect timing.

See it as I good opportunity to speak about the oven and PieDAO in general. In term of metric, number of RT, number of new Followers , number of visit on Medium (we should include a link to the article on medium)

Again I’m happy to do something different. I’d just like to do something quickly because it’s the perfect timing. And we should take advantage of the situation

I think it’s a great campaign and I’m down to supporting it!
I am just trying to structure things so we can follow a playbook for future initiatives and have enough data to create baseline to compare them against and therefore track performances and improve over time.
Anyway, awareness + Twitter followers increase looks good to me.

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Yep, and I also see it as a way to “re-enforce” the base.

Maybe it’s too artificial, but if we can increase the number of followers. It means that every tweet in the future will have more traction and views.

Yep totally agree. I think my point is (to phrase it differently), for this campaign will should not focus on metrics as a target. But use metrics as an input for future campaigns.

But if we keep it simple with only 1 contest , RT + Like. Then everything will be super easy. And we can elaborate something else for later and with more time. I’m happy with everything :rofl:


I support the proposal and would vote for it. As @Nico mentioned though, some structure is important and an idea of what is success. Also as @alexintosh everything should link back to increasing TVL.

The objective here is to increase Twitter followers by x%. However can we also know for example how many users follow links from Twitter to oven? Can we use GA to measure number of users from Twitter who convert to using the oven?

If we have a median amount baked by a user then we could estimate the impact on TVL according to number of converted users.

For a small proposal like this, it’s overkill but I think having a structured methodology and tying actions back to TVL is a good idea.

  • GA needs to be installed yet
  • The campaign should use a custom url for tracking purposes
  • The entire flow from tweet to share to new twitter follower will happen inside of twitter and I am not sure whether there’s a way to track it precisely for organic posts
  • We are not going to discover the precise relationship between campaign conversion and TVL increase but it is worth starting applying a structured methodology even if it’s just an heuristic at this point.

Agree with everything being said here.

3 winners (1 each week)
$200 of BCP each week to earn.

Week 1: BCP
Week 2: Oven
Week 3: PieVaults (multiple yield)

Each post must have the hashtag and relevant link (with tracking)

We’re not aiming to find an objective answer regarding best messaging here, just gain preliminary data regarding engagement, CTR, follower and Discord community growth.

As @Nico points out, we are limited in how often we can do this. Contemplating this it may be best to wait for the next PieVault release, and focus upon that as a boost to our launch.