Generalised and more secure flash loans

I find Flash Loans very interesting and was thinking about ways to possibly include them in the PIEs.
So I wrote this article about an alternative approach, which I would argue is a more secure and overall cleaner more versatile design.

You can find a POC untested and unaudited implementation here:

What do you guys think should we, in later updates add flash loans to the PIEs to generate some extra revenue and utilise them for migration of positions for example?

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Very interesting proposition regarding the inclusion of flash loans to the PIEs,
On the topic of flash loans, I read an interesting article about how a flash loan was used to drain a balancer pool of over 500k, thought it would lend some light…

STA deflationary mechanism was a bit of a specific case but yeah, fefinitely flash loans should not be possible in the same pool they are lending from.

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