Growth Experiments Playbook

Following PIP-36, this post introduce a concise way to move forwards Growth initiatives by the community.

Growth Experiments

Growth Experiments have the only goal to increase TVL by increasing awareness, acquiring new customers, and retaining existing customers.

  1. Every GE need to have a Champion responsible for the success of the operation.
  2. GE need to have clear: goals, start time and end time as well as ways to measure success.
  3. A starting Budget can be deployed for a GE.
  4. Successful GE can be repeated at larger scale.

How to design a GE?

  • [ ] Define the GE with a name, start-date, end-date.
  • [ ] Define the GE Hyphotesis behing it
  • [ ] Define the GE methodology for metrics and a definition of success.
  • [ ] Define the GE resources needed.
  • [ ] Define the GE confidence rate (1-10)

GE Name: Sponsor Today in Defi
Time frame : Week 5 to Week 9
Hypothesis: Today in Defi will lead to more traffic and TVL.
Description: Contact Today in Defi. evaluate rates and understand target audiance, then run a sponsorship for 4 weeks & evaluate the data.
Metrics: CTR of people from the sponsor converting into using the Oven.
Definition of success: 20% conversion in 4 weeks and at least $100k minted.
Resources: $1000/month for sponsorship, dev time to setup analytics tracking from the blog to conversion, design help for graphics.

Deliverables for GE Champion

  • [ ] Produce a weekly report of the experiment for the entire perior.
  • [ ] What worked well?
  • [ ] What worked poorly?
  • [ ] Improve the playbook accordingly
  • [ ] Present results of the GE to the monthly community call.

GE will be prioritised according to what brings the most impact (Definition of success) with higher confidence rate and lower effort required.

GE Champions which have their proposal selected are eligible to a rewards from ($1000 to $3000) depending on impact, duration and success of the GE, rewards have to be distributed at the end-date of the GE following the submission of deliverables.

The Treasury Committee reserves the right to give a bonus for “Outstanding results”, which definition is up to the discretion of the Treasury Committee.

To submit a GE, create a forum post in the Growth Section with the description of your Growth Experiment.


would be cool if there where reflinks - not for rewards but for tracking. eg. first login allocates the users eth adr to my account. would make it a lot easier to track and follow up on initiatives and monitor the TVL. could all be transparent too


GE Name : Content Creation
Time frame : Monthly
Hypothesis : Content will get more people interested in PieDAO, keep the brand top of mind and build trust in the community.
Description : Do a monthly interview with a team or community member. Publish both the long form conversation and create 5-7 clips to distribute on twitter
Metrics : views and engagement on the media
Definition of success : 500 views on the interview, 250 view on each of the clips
Resources : $3000/month for production, editing, distibution

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I looked at Reddit and I think we can have the community do alot of this and the people with the DAO can push forward on dem Pies.

  1. I think we need 'Grandma’s Classics" post that is just a pinned board with some funny meme of GMa, and then all the useful tutorials that everyone and anyone needs to set up Metamask, add Tokens, buy ETH, and then from there interact with PieDAO.

2.We should put Meme contest on Reddit, no $DOUGH holders allowed to enter, but $DOUGH holders vote winner and donate $50 to winner?

  1. Monthly fan art contest, similar parameters.
    (Goal with rule 2,3 is relatively cheep advertisement ideas, different insights)

  2. Our Blog should be on there.

  3. We should Post all our PIPs, the whole Crpto Community needs to know we are making moves. Right now everyone is playing the momentum trade, and constant action and adaption shows strength in the space.

  4. I hope I’m not wrong in that we need more developer interviews. The people behind the DAO. It will add transparency and trust. Even basic interviews. What their dreams are? How they got into Crypto? What’s their favorite Pie? Who do they follow on twitter?
    This stuff can galvanize a community.

  5. And also small interviews of people in the DAO but as investors. People holding $DOUGH, why they are doing it? How did they find out? Etc.

  6. This one might sound silly but we should have an ad campaign that runs something like “Bitcoin, Etherium, no sir, I only trust Grandma’s PieDAO” my thought being that people will search ‘Bitcoin and Etherium’ before PieDAO I’m a search engine.