Guiding Principles [2022 Revision]

Guiding Principles

Hello everyone :wave:
With the beginning of the year I wanted to share a refinement of the previous Guiding principles post and soon of the The PieDAO manifesto.

Our Mission

We believe the end game for crypto is to create generational wealth for people, escape the rat race and live their lives.
Our Mission is to create solutions that help you do that.

Our Vision

We dream of a world where there are no prescribed 9-to-5 workday, no prescribed time off and no vacation schedule. Where we wear flip-flops instead of a suit. A world where are part of something bigger and we spend our time growing a community we share values with, instead of selling hours of our lifes for salary.

veDOUGH is our closest step, so far, to this vision. A deeply important one, yet one of first.

Our Values

  1. Purpose: Our organization is built on our purpose.
  2. People: We value our community, we build for our people.
  3. Integrity: We have honesty and respect for all individuals and demand it from others.
  4. Unbiased: We are radically open-minded about what’s right and truly commit to understanding the reasoning with the people we disagree with.
  5. Excellence: We strive for Excellence, Not Perfection.

On Purpose

Purpose should not be confused with specific goals or business strategies. It’s the voice inside you that wants you to fight. It’s you looking at the world and seeing injustice you can no longer accept.

So why are we here? What are we fighting for?
We are here to help people escape financial captivity.
Because a life worth living needs to be free.

In today’s gig economy, too many laborers live under conditions of scarcity and uncertainty, jobs meant to be worked for a few months are worked for lifetimes. The Western world is plenty of parents are forced to stay away from their children 10 hours a day to be able to provide shelter to their families and bring food to the table.

The uneven power relations that capture future individual obligations and make them saleable are still there. It’s our pension, our mortgage, the savings for college, it’s our debt.

It’s hard to break everyone’s chain, however, one thing I know, in a world where you have to trade your time for wage, every dollar you make passively it’s time you get back to do what really matters for you.

Our purpose is to help you take time back, take a little bit more freedom back everyday.
Our revolution is making people free.


PieDAO is a :pushpin: M3 watch your back.