Guiding principles

Hey everyone :wave:,

To kickstart the year, I’ve been working on writing a unique resource about the PieDAO organisation, his vision and the way it operates.

Listed below there are statements which aim to explain in a concise way, why we do the things we do, how we do those and the goal of the organization. They are designed to start the conversation with goal to add them into the Handbook++ to provide a unique resource to further educate the crypto community on the PieDAO project.

I hope you will identify with what’s written below.

Vision Statement

To help humanity build their financial future by tokenising wealth creation.

Product Statement

Example of how to describe a product using BCP
For investors who are looking for crypto exposure, BCP is a non-custodial ETF that keeps you diversified and unlike other index products, generates yield while holding it.

Organization Statement

PieDAO is a decentralised organisation dedicated to bringing market accessibility and economic empowerment by tokenising wealth creation strategies and make them available to anyone on the Ethereum network.

Core principles

  • Courage & Ownership : Changing the financial future of million will not be easy task and for this reason courage is the first and more important of all virtues. We need to breed bravery in the organisation, to have the courage to do what it takes to set a bold course for the future, to engage in a courageous conversation, and to be decisive in uncertainty.

  • Accessibility and Financial Inclusion : The open financial system has to be accessible to anyone with an internet connection. PieDAO’s products need to be usable from small holders to whales.

  • Financial Transparency : Decentralised financial services are not be built in opaque silos. Informations are transparent and auditable to all participants.


  • Speak truthfully : As a community we value honesty and frank conversations about our work and ourself. We understand there is nothing to fear about the truth. We have integrity and demand it from others.

  • Be transparent : We encourage transparency as a force for justice. We have the courage to share the things which are the hardest to share and we grow from those.

  • It’s okay to make mistakes and unacceptable not to learn from those : We understand that mistakes are a natural part of the evolution of an organization. We don’t worry about about appearances, we worry about achieving the goal of the organization. For this reason we avoid focusing on “blame” and “credit” and instead focus on what’s “accurate” and what’s “inaccurate”. When we fail, we fail forward.

  • We do what’s right over what’s easy : We do things because we believe them to be right not because they are easy to do or because everybody is doing them. We are radically open-minded about what’s right and truly commit to understand the reasoning with the people we disagree with.

  • Give tough love without being an asshole. : Tough love is the hardest and most important type of love to give. While most people prefer compliments, accurate criticism is most valuable. We are never disrespectful or offensive in doing that, instead we encourage people to objectively reflect about their actions and reasoning to identify the root cause of mistakes.