How do you mint here at PieDAO?

What is the procedure for minting? Is there a github for this one?
Curious if in this discussion of liquidity, etc, if there is a “cost” to minting (i.e…contribute actual coin or ETH, etc)???
I’ve created some tokens in GBYTE and via MYETHERWALLET.
Don’t know if you guys are familiar with BlackBytes? Any opportunity to create anything around BlackBytes for example?
I’m just not sure what step by step is with minting, or the mBTC, rBTC or whatver they are! Curious. Maybe could use a vid to see how it’s done step by step?

Right now you can mint only BTC++ for what you will need same amounts of WBTC, sBTC, pBTC and imBTC. That way you create BTC++ which is backed by all four amounts of different representations of BTC on Ethereum network (collateral backed token). For minting you need to pay smart contract fee in ETH.

Check it out now live on (you will need metamask for login)

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