How To Prioritise PIPs & Guidelines For Good Interactions in the Forum


The forum has been growing in the number of posts and proposals, particularly in the #pip section.
To facilitate interactions between members please follow the guidelines below.

Posts Categories

There are different stages of the discussion to go from a preliminary idea to a PIP which then needs to be voted and implemented.

Stage 1: Discussion / Idea

An idea-discussion is the first step to propose a PIP, during this phase a proposal for a Pie for instance it’s likely to not have a model attached to it, a technical spec nor actual numbers to be implemented.
Ideas are important as they allow members to be creative, it’s important to make sure those ideas progress into actionable PIP in order to be implemented.

Ideas need to be discussed in the appropriate section: #idea

How to recognizes an idea from a PIP?

  • There isn’t a model attached to it.
  • There aren’t numbers related to the allocation or rebalance.
  • There isn’t a detailed explanation of the methodology used.

How to promote my idea to a PIP?

Provide the requirements in the thread you started and then ask @moderators for feedback, they will change the category and give it an appropriate PIP Number.

Stage 2: Pie Improvement Proposal / PIP

A PIP is an actionable step for the DAO to be working on.

In the case of a new Pie it includes a detailed model and the motivation behind the new product, any relevant partnership to launch it, and a timeline to make it happen.

In the case of a rebalance for a Pie, it includes a detailed breakdown of the new allocation and how it compared to the old one, the reasoning behind it and other relevant information to execute on it by devs.

Why is it important to write a correct PIP?
A well-crafted PIP enables devs to take action quickly on the desire of the community, empowers ownership to members as they are following every step of their own proposal, and allow the organization to scale as more contributors can pick up a proposal to work on easily.
Voting poorly constructed PIPs directly on snapshot instead creates confusion, as they only serve as signaling preference but there isn’t really much that can be done.
It’s better to use a poll inside the forum post to gather sentiment instead.


:x: Let’s add token X to DEFI+S
(No model attached, no numbers, no timeline)

:white_check_mark: Rebalancing proposal with numbers to add token X to DEFI+S
(Model attached, numbers, precise plan)

How to show support for a PIP?
Build momentum.
Help to contribute to the relevant analysis needed and to the creation of the models. Create Twitter threads, memes and help the community engage with the PIP you care the most about.

Stage 3: Voting a PIP

Your idea is now mature, it has everything it needs to be implemented and there is a rough consensous to in the post that it is time to submit it to the judgment of the community.

  1. Go to
  2. Create a proposal with your PIP Number
  3. Set Start and End Date (min: 24h unless emergency)
  4. Bring the attention of Members to the vote.

Moderation guidelines

Forum moderators are the key to effectively managing online communities like DAOs.
Moderators keep the discussions productive and relay important information (errors, members confusion, etc.) to the rest of the community. Forums may be moderated by any of a number of
members, but dedicating enough moderator time to develop and sustain a positive
forum culture is the best way to cultivate a successful discussion forum.

The Responsibilities of a Moderator

  • Answer basic questions posed by users, and direct users with questions to the right
    resources: docs, medium article, announcement, etc.

  • Relay reports of common misconceptions and questions, highly disruptive participants,

  • Enforce the Guiding principles of the community.

  • Edit out spam, shills and offensive content from the forums, and remind the originators of forum etiquette.

  • Communicate problems and successes with your fellow moderators.

  • Identify members whose presence on the forum has a strongly positive impact. These users
    can be promoted to community Modetators and publicly acknowledged.

  • Add helpful items to the FAQ in the Discord channel and docs.

The Qualities of a Good Forum Moderator

  • Great knowledge of the way of the Pie.

  • Solid communication skills: the ability to organize positive, consistent, and effective
    communication between members and other moderators.

  • Time: keeping up-to-date with a growing community like PieDAO requires at least 5 hours per week for reading posts, replying to or editing posts, and communicating with the other moderators and course staff.

  • Enthusiasm: this is the best predictor of forum moderator excellence!

Redundant Posts

  • When possible, help discourage redundancy by responding to such posts with links to an earlier or
    higher quality thread asking the same question.

  • When responding to a post, search for similar posts and respond to the most pertinent thread.
    Redirect the other posts to the thread with your response and then close the redundant threads.

  • Off topic, inappropriate, or offensive posts: Don’t simply delete them; instead, edit and explain why they were edited.


How many Mods are you looking for ?

Do we already have some ? i think so, but are they willing to stop or is it to increase the team ?

Starting with 2 Mods from the community should be enough.


i am the least qualified, for the job … but got a passion for PieDAO…
so in case noone raises the hand, i do so hereby


If there is no volunteer I can help if needed, I’m spending time here anyway :rofl:

I would also be willing.

Edit: Scratch that, I have mismatched names here and Discord :man_facepalming::sweat_smile: