How to use Tiramisu to easily create a Pie Model

Hey fam,

I made this video to help hard-working bakers generate models for the pies. I used the Proposal discussion: $SCALE index creation from @Lui to show the way it works.

Useful links

Initial JSON


Note: The video is a bit low quality in the audio and for some reason, it did not record the first 5 seconds.
If you find that valuable I can make a new one.


The audio is a lot better than many Udemy programming courses I’ve taken! I’ll have to give this a spin. It’s been so long since I touched a repo :sweat_smile:

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Do it, still very alpha but it should work fine otherwise please open an issue if you encounter problems.

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is there a how to i should watch before trying to run one of these things

If you’re familiar with Nodejs then it’s all good, otherwise search how to install node on your system.

Followed it just now to update the allocation and include STAKE on $SCALE. Tutorial is very easy to follow. :+1:


That’s awesome! If I have some time over the weekend, I’ll try and apply this for the Middleware pie. Is there someone I could run this by before publishing?

Also, is there any incentive for doing so? I know the core team is compensated, so just checking if there are other grants or incentives in place for building and working on something like this? :grin: