I accidentally ragequit :'(

Hi everyone, Mariano Conti here.

3 weeks ago I accidentally ragequit from PieDAO… It was 1:30 am and I was clicking through the Aragon UI when I noticed “Redemptions”. It said I was entitled to ~25 ETH so I stupidly clicked and redeemed, not realizing this would burn my v1 DOUGH token and losing all my vesting DOUGHv2 tokens. I should have read more or asked what I was doing, but at 1:30 am I just saw “oh wow, some unclaimed ETH”.

This is the tx https://etherscan.io/tx/0xc794c83dac16ced0fe913d5987702caffed63a88f8bae34bf904be647ce972c7

Back in April Alessio contacted me about joining PieDAO. I’ve known him since Devcon Prague and have always been impressed with him and his team, starting from his xDai Pay system he coded at the Status hackathon. So it was a nobrainer for me to back the project.

Here’s my token request from April 10 for 80 ETH. (A decent amount for me, this was after black thursday) https://etherscan.io/tx/0xf3a8fd90adb49d091477ec139231a4c34b6a4894d406739f8b526921e62e5291

This was done with my public “nanexcool.eth” account. I also have a couple of POAP NFTs from past PieDAO community calls https://app.poap.xyz/token/11874

Long story short, I want to see if there’s a way to ragequit back in lol. I’m a friend of the project. Please help me out!


Hey @nanexcool shit happens…
I would definitely support a proposal to restore your original $DOUGH v1 position.
Only requirement would be to have you returning the redeemed ETH :ok_hand:t2:

I think we can do a proposal to mint the DOUGHv1 again if you return the ~25ETH and ~0.05 DAI :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

Must have been quite a shock noticing you burned your DOUGH. I’m fairly sure the community will agree to reverting this situation.

Yeah for sure! Luckily we’re running on a public decentralized ledger :stuck_out_tongue:

Obviously I’d return the ETH and Dai (just realized that dust amount lol) plus am willing to put in some more because there’s likely extra work that I’d be imposing on the DAO…

*Also, I had already migrated some amount of DOUGHv2 tokens, would need to double check with someone who knows the internals better than me but this is what’s showing in the Aragon UI:

Total Amount: 213333.6
Amount Migrated: 73385.617409791983764586


Minting the 139,947.98259 DOUGHv1 should make it so it looks like it never happened.


I too am in support of the Mariano rescue mission.

Let’s do this team.

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If we do this rescue mission, I propose to come up with a sort of fee that would benefit the DAO.

I am a big proponent of what Mariano has done for the Ethereum community through the years so I want to help the guy. However, is this a one time exception? Will there be a protocol for similar situations in the future? Or, will it always be a one off community decision process?