I can´t vote although I have staked 7891 veDough

I have 7891 veDough, however I haven´t been able to vote. In Snapshot it indicates that I don´t have any veDough. Are there any additional steps that i need to take in order for Snapshot to recognize my veDough and allow me to vote. Thanks for the help.

Hey. So, Snapshot considers the availability of tokens in your address at the time of creation of the vote. If you staked after the vote was created, then those vedough won’t be able to be used for that particular vote, that’s the snapshot mechanism basically. Let me know if you that does not fit your case

Thanks, I was able to vote with the new proposal. Clearly I was not able to vote on the proposals generated before I staked my veDough. Everything is fine now.


Does anyone have an issue that has worked its way through the forum and is ready to be put to a vote? With the first staked voting snapshot coming up tomorrow, I know a few people that I recommended PieDAO to, who have not been able to vote yet as they staked the day after the most recent vote. It’s be great to have one more vote before the snapshot for first rewards distribution to catch up everyone who has staked in the last week or so.

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@jonnydubowsky both open votes for PIP 64 & 65 can be voted until tonight by whoever has veDOUGH. https://snapshot.org/#/piedao.eth
As you can see the qualifying snapshot is set in the future, so any veDOUGH staked by tonite qualify.

They’ll be closing today at 23:59 CET (8hours left).

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