I cant withdraw my BCP

I had tested PieDAO a while back but was not able to withdraw the BCP from the oven.
I’ve read the post with the alternate links to the site, but those don’t show my balance either when I connect my Wallet.
However the Zerion App still sees my balance of BCP.
Is there a way to pull that back into my wallet?

Hey @Mikesco3
I suggest you to double-check your residual balance in the BCP OVEN contract at this link: https://etherscan.io/address/0xe3d74df89163a8fa1cba540ff6b339d13d322f61#readContract

Simply input your wallet address (non need to log-in since in read only mode) in the:
13. Output balance off to get your BCP balance
7. ETH balance off to get your ETH balance (in case your ETH for some reasons weren’t swapped to BCP)

To withdraw you can then locate the BCP oven at this link PieDAO Pool Management
Hope this helps!