I rebranded PieDAO


Love the homepage


Nice :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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Hey @Paranoid_DZN ;
Thanks for the awesome rebranding ! (I think it looks great)

What did you have in mind for the next steps ?
Do you have all the pieces of the puzzle to roll over a whole rebranding ?

While I think it’s nice that someone has the goodwill to redesign the logo, I know from experience that rebranding an organization is a nasty business and it should be taken seriously.
Starting with a visual redesign is a poor strategic decision.
There is already an ongoing set of collaborative activities that are helping us understand our target users better and reshape our narrative and content accordingly.
I’d start from there and take a holistic approach.
This proposal does not explain how the new logo would fit with the above, nor why it would be beneficial for the organization.
The cost of changing it is very high. We’re around for a couple of years now and we became recognizable, the logo has been and continues to be used on a number of media and third parties applications, partner’s websites etc.
Other than that this would also force us to review all our content, articles, newsletter, social media other than of course website and application.
So, no. I don’t think this is the right approach and this should be treated as one of the biggest projects of 2022 if the community pushes for it and certainly not as a little graphic bounty.


Hey Nico,

100 % Agreed !

It’s a massive work indeed, I was just pushing the conversation and see what the community thinks.
Thanks for sharing your view !


If someone wants to take this seriously, I’d start with an assessment of the impact that rebranding would have on our products, website, internal and external communication.