Index fund of the top 10 yield farming coins like cake,autofarm,beefy finance

Hi .I see yield farming as the future without any hesitation so i want to know that if it will be good if we launch an index fund only of yield farming coins naming yield+.please share your thoughts everyone.We can work on the weight but we have to first agree on the idea.

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I think this is a great idea for an index. I’d propose simply calling it YIELD instead of YIELD+ as I don’t see the need for the + and in fact we might want to reserve that addition for an extension of this index later. Also as a side note I find using the + symbol can be problematic in some situations. One example with DEFI++ is that I’m unable to track this token in my Google docs sheet using Coinmarketcaps API to call upon the price feed for DEFI++ because the code does not like the special characters. No other token I call upon uses any special characters or has any problems.