Hi all! Insurance is one of main pilars in finance and we are really starting to see the first projects in the space getting some traction. Insurance is always behind finance. In Fintech it happens the same with Insurtech. So I think it is an important opportunity to can create a Pie that can invest in the most importants decentralized insurance projects.

Background: I am the founder of Crypto Plaza ,that is the largest Spanish DeFi Community. In the community there are some investors of PieDAO

Considerations: As the insurance sector is emerging, it is important to can manage the Pie in order to add all the projects and to assign a correct share of the pie. I would manage the Pie according the market valuation (but using total supply)

  • Definitions: We have to invest in decentralized Insurance projects

  • Timing: Rigth now because as soon as we create the PieDAO we will have more performance.

  • Weighting: I think this should be market cap but total supply, that really is the more relevant

  • Method: We will have to update the pie I will say at least every 15 days

Proposal: Rigth now we have to include
NXM : Nexus Mutual
COVER : Cover Protocol
NSURE : Nsure Protocol
SHIELD : Shield Protocol
DIP : Etherisk
HEGIC : Hegic Protocol (in that case are options, but we can add options projects)


Are you suggesting adding those tokens to an existing pie ? Or create a Pie only with insurance protocols ?

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He said create a PIE so I believe he means creating a new one.

However shouldn’t we have the biggest Defi Insurance product in one of the other already existing DEFI Pie’s as well to further diversify them?

an IPP sounds awesome! do the underlying tokens payout dividends/revenue too?

I know Hegic has various ways to pool Hegic for Lots which earn profits from the system. Not sure about the others, but would be interested in utilizing pooled staking lots for this for more revenue streams


Yes ! it’s a good idea. Not sure it will be able to implement (not dev so don’t really know), but it seems more complicated .

staking lots are just a wrapper token so implementing the pie should be the same, but maybe one asset growing from interest vs others not may throw off the pie. Hmm. Will think on that

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I have never heard about SHIELD Protocol or a $SHIELD token in my entire life. What is that?

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Never heard of SHIELD, shouldn’t be in the pie as other future insurance protocol already have way more traction.

I disagree to weight a pie according to the Market Cap. In this particular sector, I think the appropriate metric should be Active Coverage Amount, as it it directly link to revenues and fundamentals.


+1 for SHIELD, never heard about it

I agree that this is an important industry and a pie could definitely provide value as the market becomes established. I do see the advantage of moving quickly here.

Having said that I would possibly like to let the space emerge a little more first possibly in order to clearly understand which projects are gaining traction and build allocation and weighting accordingly.

Hi, I am suggesting to create a new Pie with this tokens, as I think could be an interesting topic for investors aside DeFi

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Hi Jav!

Thats an interesting question. The proposal is about investing in the Crypto Insurance Protocols but it makes sense to create another Pie to invest in the insurance itself. That probably will be a more active pie, as insurances opportunities are about insurance a protocol for a concrete time. 

 But for sure will be an interesting investment. Rigth now protocolos as Cover has Balancer pools, so it will not be difficult to do it.

It is not yet launch, but IMHO is one of the most promising projects

Disclouser: I have invest in the private round.

Hi Nedicto,

Fair point. Activo coverage is probably one of the most important metric. Something for sure to consider. One question regarding this is what will be the DeFi++ if we weigth by TVL, uhmmm… that it will be similar aproach but in Lending protocols.

First move is really important. The same happens with DeFi Indexes, rigth now DefiPulse and us have an important first move advantage.

I think we have to take this opportunity that is the most straigth forwards as insurace in huge sector.

100% agree with that

This is also why i’m pushing to organise marketing and contest event ASAP. People are discovering Indexes (and DefiPulse probably spend a lot of money to promote their index). But now people will soon buy one (maybe). So we need to be first ^^

I’m just thinking about something. It’s maybe completely stupid. But instead of buying governance tokens from Insurance protocol. Can it be possible to only use , Cover protocol for exemple. And create pies with NO CLAIM token for several projects. So basically you bet that nothing will happen in the DeFi ecosystem during the next 6 months. And even if something happen for 1
project, you are still “protected” because there are several projects in the pie. And we can do the same for CLAIM tokens. Does it make sense ?

I think I only half understood it, could you explain it more?

If you use just cover protocol to buy NOCLAIM or CLAIM wouldn’t it be to much risk exposure to cover protocol it self ?

Great Idea with Insurance Pie.
Regarding Hegic, I think it is also would be interesting to create Option market index Pie. There is a lot development happening
Here are the leaders by MC