Intro section & mascot for PieDAO

Hi everyone!

I recently discovered PieDAO and quickly became a big believer in what is going on here. I haven’t gotten into directly helping Defi projects before, but would love to start with PieDAO. So consider this an introduction post as well as suggestions for growing the platform. :slight_smile:

Unless I missed it, having an introduction area in the forum would be a helpful way for newcomers like myself to get acquainted with the PieDAO community.

The second idea I had, was to have a formal mascot for the project. I love the bakery theme, so having bakers as mascots could be a fun and catchy way to market the project.


Welcome @MobiusMan to the PieDAO community! Great to hear you are starting your DeFi journey with PieDAO!

+1 on my side for the introduction area, would be helpful I believe! @BlockEnthusiast wdyt?

Re: Mascot
I think a lot of community members like the Ray Dalio meme around, would be nice to see an official mascot coming out tho. Any image reference?

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Thanks @alexintosh!

I do like the Ray Dalio meme as well. I guess what I was possibly imagining was something like these for a more official type of a mascot:

It could even be more than one baker to be more inclusive. Definitely open to thoughts on the idea.

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Pie Waifu and Pie Husbando wen ?