KPI Options - incentivize contractors and community builders

Stumbled upon UMA’s KPI Options, and I think it’s a great way to incentivize members

KPI Option Overview


Using UMA’s Expiring Multi Party (EMP) contract template, any project can create an incentive mechanism which offers rewards to their targeted community in exchange for the community’s support in helping them achieve their Key Performance Metrics (KPI).

At a high-level, KPI options are synthetic ERC20 tokens that can be redeemed , but only if the project hits it’s predetermined KPI targets before expiry…

Every community member airdropped these KPI options, becoming (literally!) vested in helping the project succeed on its Key Metrics, as the token grows more valuable as the target approaches. This provides powerful incentive alignment between the protocol and its community.

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I could imagine a test with the #growth group - charge a KPI token with DOUGH, drop it to selected participants and let them work together to reach the goal. I don’t know the detail of the KPI token ie. could you also bind it to “new unique oven users” or some other more “softer” goals?

Anyways, yay or nay for more research on this one?

More research on the topic and create a proof of concept
  • Can’t spell KPI without PIE, Yay
  • Nay

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haha when i saw it, i was wondering who will be the first one to post it here ^^ :rofl:

In fact, it’s interesting. Probably a lot of things to do here. But also need to think about it carefully.

“Dark side on” : It can quickly become a ponzy if not use properly.

Need to think about it. But because you have to send it in advance It could be tricky for a specific marketing/comm event. Usually retroactive approach are better for this kind of things. Because if, in a group some people do nothing and others do everything, if they received the same amount at the beginning they will also receive the same amount at the end

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I can’t seem to find any ponzinomics in this scheme, perhaps you could explain this to me :)?

true, but such is the nature of working in groups. you could gather a group of like-minded individuals, and then request a KPI based token for this group of people. In my opinion this should be super fun and encouraging to actually work as a team.

I think the concept is excellent and I’ve voted to support further research.

I do wonder how applicable it would be in our case, as this is in essence what we already have with DOUGH. (The bigger our assets under management grow, the more benefits for DOUGH participants from the revenue stream).

Do we feel that that is not being communicated clearly enough?

Perhaps this could work as an additional bonus incentivisation to bootstrap growth until we are at a point where the DOUGH model really kicks in.

Ponzi was maybe too strong. But basicaly the risk is that early users (who received KPI) will shill the project to reach objectives. And we see big pump just before the deadline, and then a big dump. So first user arrived will win, and new users will lose. And all those things will be very artificial just to reach the target. Not saying it will happen but it’s a risk.

Yes sorry I didn’t read properly. I thought you wanted to give KPI to ALL members of the DAO and not only to people involved in #growth. So yes if you give to motivated people with a target it’s could be very nice . It’s like rewards members are supposed to receive after a successful campaign. But it will be more “automatic”.

Is it true currently ?
Here( it’s written:

Value capture: Fees charged on Pie Smart Pools are collected into the DOUGH Vault. As a result, the vault itself becomes a diversified basket of all the underlying tokens inside Pies over time. DOUGH holders can decide to burn their tokens in exchange for a proportional share of what’s in the vault at that time.

But where can you do that ? We can’t stake DOUGH (only DOUGH), to receive fees generated byt the protocol currently, right ? of maybe I missed something

So at the moment, it’s more a plan ?

exactly, it’s a cool way to drive participation in my opinion.

true, but only for holders. This is another way for people with time and skills (AKA work) to get a stake in DOUGH :slight_smile:

Should we start this discussion again ?

I know @williamx0 is already a Super Umans. But could it be something we all discuss together as a community ? I guess this can be amazing either for PieDAO (as a project) AND for the community. As we will be all involved with the same objective.


I think the problem with Democracy as a whole is the lack of incentive structures to participate in good governance. This solves that problem I think.

hum… i’m not sure about that ^^ Democacry is a chance. And people forget that. So we should be involved even without incentive ^^