Marketing with Bankless DAO

I’ve been a listener to Bankless for a while. For those not familiar with Bankless, they are a newsletter and podcast related to crypto and Defi.

Last week, the Bankless DAO lauched, which is a decentralized community driving adoption and awareness of bankless money systems like Ethereum, Bitcoin and DeFi through media, culture, and education.

I’m also a part of Bankless DAO. While it’s just beginning to grow, I think the community could be a great thing to connect with if we don’t already.

Perhaps there are marketing efforts that could tie in with Bankless? I’d be happy to coordinate some things if so.


I think this would be valuable for PieDAO. While I have not personally looked into the Bankless DAO, I enjoy the content from Bankless and I have friends that have been big fans for awhile.


What are you thinking about exactly ?

If it’s to write a small article/add and be shared on the newsletter you are mostly paying for some exposure. Most projects write their own article. So they do not spend time to discover the project and speak about it. So you simply pay for a database

Then you can make an interview. I guess you can probably also pay for this. Here you will be able to present more deeply the project.

But something to keep in mind. They will create an index in collaboration with Index Coop.

It’s already the case, but there is no doubt It won’t change, and they will probably heavily shill this product . (Also BanklessDAO should make a proposal to receive part of fees generated by this product ^^ ).

So to sum up, it’s something to keep in mind. IMO the only argument to do it is to pay for a database, but then we should not expect more. Bankless marketing is costly. So there is probably other way to reach the same amount of people (KPI option, community mining …)