Member onboarding to convert them to active contributors

PieDAO discord has thousands of members but only a few actively participate and the primary reason for that is that they don’t have all the information needed to start contributing.

Individual i.e. one-to-one onboarding is not scalable, so we need to use some specific onboarding tools.

DoDAO has Member Onboarding tool that can used for providing the necessary information to the members so that they can become active contributors. Our platform DoDao is currently in beta testing, but is ready to be used.

Check out a sample guide that we created for PieDAO DoDao

Our guides are far better than normal documentation in a number of ways

  1. Guides are to-the-point and are meant to onboard users for a specific role or task.
  2. Information is presented to the user in a piece-by-piece way i.e. in steps.
  3. Guides have evaluation steps that force the user to go through the contents carefully
  4. Guide completion is tracked i.e. we know the user’s wallet address, completion date, and score.
  5. This data can be queried to apply smart logic like: gating of discord channels, gating of product boards, and proposal voting

This is another explainer video of the problem statement

We will also work with PieDAO team to create public task boards similar to

What is needed from PieDAO?

  1. “Yes” to proceed forward
  2. Compensation for the effort. We will want to move forward at any terms :slight_smile: and partner in creating an active contributing community :slight_smile:

Could be worth a try!

Thanks @PharkieB! We also added discord integration so as the members go through the onboarding guides, you will get the updates in the discord channel.

Hey Robin,

The DAO is willing to have such a tool in place but there are a ton of similar products on the market !

You’ll have to try to convince us :slight_smile:

Part of the process is to use our template for any proposal on the forum. No harm is done, i’m here to guide you !

Could you have a look at the template and try to fill to the best all categories ? Generic Proposal Gate 1 — Template (

Feel free to reach out if anything is not clear or require guidance !

Thanks for your input ! Nice to see new people around here !