Mobile Navigation Proposal

Current Navigation

Option 1 - Top tabs

Option 2 - Top contextual tabs

Option 3 - Breadcrumbs

Option 4 - Uniswap

Option 5 - Tabbar




Thanks, Nico! I find myself liking the Top Tabs. I am on a smaller iPhone and do wonder however if it puts some buttons too far away on larger devices?

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Good point.
However the top tab should improve the navigation (that will still be accessible from the menu, by clicking on the hamburger icon) for mid-large mobile screens.

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I like “option1 - top tabs” for its complete tool feel although part of me thinks it will be overwhelming for new members with the amount of options it has.

“Option 4 - uniswap” seems simpler with less steps needed to a desired outcome which is bake or swap.

haha sorry didn’t see it was different options … like n’2 and 4