Not seeing my pie

So I’ve put some eth in the oven and confirmed my transaction but I see no pie after the allotted eth had been filled. What am I missing? I looked at etherscan and it shows my eth was sent successfully but I see no defi++ tokens minted anywhere…

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Hey @Bakerdave, if not yet solved, your DEFI++ are likely sitting in the oven waiting for you to withdraw them.

Just join on Discord and we’ll be better able to support if needed!

Thanks for your response. I looked at that being the case but didn’t see it. Ill join the discord and see about figuring this out.

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Hi Bakerdave, were you able to remove your pie from the oven? I am having the same problem, I see my deposit in the oven, however, although the oven reaches the ETH threshold, I do not see my any pie available for withdrawal.

Hey @HanShan feel free to dm for additional support

What am I supposed to do after staking ETC? I know it’s ready but I don’t see it anywhere.

Lads the oven will only bake when Gas fees are low enough . That’s the point of the oven(to save 97% on gas), otherwise everyone would just use the swap exchange.

When 10 ETH is in the oven it is ready to bake but it will only start baking if gas fees are low enough.

Patience . Join discord for faster responses to problems.

The forum is more for heavier topics.

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I moved the topic to the #support

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