Objectives & Roadmap for 2022

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Following up on Aligning Focus & Strategy in 2022 and Guiding Principles [2022 Revision], find below the core team consideration on the objectives for this year and initiatives to get there.

High-Level Objective

Delivering a product with a strong market fit is the primary objective for 2022.
While the number of unique holders of PieDAO products increased 2.5x compared to Jan 2021, there is a significant margin for improvement and I believe we can aim to see two digits growth next year.

To do that, we need to be focused on what the customer needs and wants to use.
Our goal is to be the platform of choice for ambitious wealth seekers to deploy and grow their assets, as such it’s deeply important to build products that solve problems and add value.
We are our best customers and it’s great to fix our own problems but be aware of personal biases and undersized/ short-lasting opportunities.

Good problems are the ones that many people have and are growing over time, they present themselves frequently, it’s often urgent to fix them and expensive to do so.

Good problems in DeFi are hidden everywhere and they hide great rewards!

Initiatives for Q1

Below is a list of high-level initiatives, we are looking to work on during the first quarter, as they progress proposal will be made including all the details.

  • Introduce a new line of products, designed for cross-chain that allows users to take concentrated bets within the PieDAO ecosystem and leverage the Cambrian explosion of rollups and sidechains.

  • Roll out new tokenized portfolios representing high potential trends and investment thesis for crypto in 2022, starting with LAYER2 (ie: TAM > 100B).

  • Review the state of existing products with the goal to consolidate, deprecate and maintain the offering. Develop a Product Prioritization Framework that supports the assessment of new products regarding their market fit and informs decisions based on quantitative data.

  • Deploy a set of experimental landing pages for single PieDAO products with the aim to redesign and test the customer journey for new users.

  • Narrative reconciliation - Communicate PieDAO’s true nature from index/ETF provider to platform empowering growing wealth in crypto.


You can follow along the progress in the Notion page dedicated to the Roadmap.
Let us know what are your thoughts on PieDAO in 2022!


Really wanted to see more indexes with potentially DOUGH incentives being redirected by veDOUGH holders for 2022 if we add a streaming fee or revenue share fees for creator there could be some potential I think Set Protocol doesn’t exploit.

LAYER2 sounds good.

More context or update regarding USD++ could be interesting, I know there was some talk with Redacted on this.

Overall excited to see this small community grow further in 2022.


Q1 is looking fun!

I’d love to work on later stages on a full rebranding of PieDAO (new logo, new colors, etc)


Im excited that maki is excited…layer2 and definitely looking forward to be apart of reviewing current state of current products!


I am excited for the 2022 roadmap. Especially like the $LTOO pie. Looks like the team is coninuing to lean forward and keep PieDAO ahead of the curve. Also glad to see OxMaki is about. Let’s keep rockin’ it!

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Love the LAYER2 Pie concept since it’s basically an alternative proposal on the future of digital infrastructure, however, has there been any further consideration around the original $INFRA pie?

Hi there, i was looking forward to having these sort of statements coming from the core team. I have a few comments that have to do with this post but also the guiding principles and the alignment on focus & strategy:

  • @alexintosh , could you comment if the community should take these posts as your personal view of if these represent the view of the core team overall? My guess is that it’s more the second, but would be great clarifying

  • when you refer to the ultimate goal being “Be the platform of choice for ambitious crypto wealth seekers to deploy and grow their assets.” ; my first thought is: what would satisfy those ambitious seekers? to which my answer would be: probably investment opportunities that overperform a generally accepted performance benchmark. However, I see you suggest to rather chase a higher number of holders. What’s the point of having increased adoption if our products do not satisfy the wealth ambition of these seekers? Based on this, I guess there’s room to refine either the goal further or the north star.

  • loved the initiatives on new products and portfolios! together with the review of current products, I think these are crucial for PieDAO and I have the feeling it’s something we struggle a bit last year with a few portfolios/tokens that ended halfway. I am not expecting that all proposals for new pies will end up in actual implementations but at the same time, I would like to have the number of pies grow of course! I believe that we need to work on offering more incentives to pies creators/curators. We have @0xMaki mentioning a potential solution above: offering streaming fee or revenue share for creators; but I would also like to add another alternative: easing pies’ creation, resulting in lower quality pies, but better time-to-market for creators. Being quick on market allows creators to market their pie, invest themselves into their ideas and test-on-prod if there was a real interest. Once on prod, investors in these pies have skin in the game and are incentivized to nurture those pies to match the quality of other flagship PieDAO pies. I know here PieDAO risks image by lowering the quality standard but this could be mitigated by: not promoting those pies, limiting minting amounts, requesting creators to have a certain amount of DOUGH / veDOUGH , putting a due date on the pie, etc.

Again, happy to see these discussions surface in the forum! :slight_smile:

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