Partnership Proposal with DeFiato

Link to my proposal on discord: Click here

Hello PieDao community, my name is Angela. I am writing this proposal on behalf of DeFiato.

We would like to partner with PieDao to expand community outreach, cultivate true advocates and increase user adoption.

Short Introduction about DeFiato
DeFiato is the next-gen centralized platform for DeFi staking, yield farming and financial services. The easy to use platform will allow users to enter the DeFi ecosystem without technical barriers and reduce financial risks associated with decentralized applications.

After Launched its open beta platform in 2021, DeFiato now has over 100,000 registered users, with over 15,000 KYC-ed users. Our next target is 500,000 users. We will be honored to onboard PieDao on this growth journey.

Motivation & Scope
We are hoping for full integration with Pie Dao: deposit and withdrawal, farms, and swaps. Therefore, both community and user base would benefit for larger pool and audience.


  1. Enable cross-chain liquidity. Currently we support Ethereum, BSC, Avalanche, Solana and Polygon (Terra coming soon).
  2. Integrate DOUGH on Defiato so more users can farm directly via our One-Click-to-Farm proprietary technology.
  3. Fiat on and off ramp services in partnership with Prime Trust will be rolled out soon. This feature will give integrated projects the capability for mass adoption.
  4. Market your project and token via our community (Twitter: 50k+; Telegram: 30k+).

Next Step: Support We Ask From You

  1. Project tokens airdrop for DFIAT stakers; we will work with our project partners to discuss a mutually beneficial terms and conditions for the airdrop.$10,000 USD worth of DOUGH token will be distributed to DFIAT stakers (amount is open for discussion).
  2. Retweet and repost partnership contents whenever appropriate.

DeFiato Social Links
Telegram Group: Telegram: Contact @DeFiato
Telegram Announcements: Telegram: Contact @DefiatoChannel

Pie Dao Partnership With DeFiato
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Thank you for considering us. Hope that we could work together and grow the DeFi ecosystem together :slight_smile:

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Maybe you could elaborate on what exactly you’re proposing here; the benefit for defiato seems quite concrete ($10,000 in DOUGH) but there is no numeral given to the benefit PieDAO would receive, only vague notions of ‘marketing’

How is the cross chain liquidity supplied? What infrastructure does it use, and is it your own or third party?

Also I’m not sure integrating with a centralised system fits with the DeFi ethos - would DOUGH holders be subject to KYC?

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Hi thank you for replying.

  1. With Defiato, user can immediately bridge, farms, swaps cross chain. This create bigger user base to enter the ecosystem. We currently support 5 chains, and will continue onboard more chain based on the user demand. This means, DOUGH coin holder could deposit from Ethereum, and immediately farm on Avalanche.
    We also could create a swap pair for DOUGH on DeFiato. Of course we will need further discussion regarding what are the possible pair and which one is the most beneficial for PieDao community.
    Please note that all of our transaction are done on chain.

  2. The key proposition is building on an exchange-graded framework to process smart contracts in the DeFi space as an intermediary on behalf of the user. With the use of internal round reconciliation tools, the platform is able to quickly perform liquid cross-chain transference so that the user can seamlessly perform front-end functions without the ostensible requirement to bridge between chains. The platform secures funds safely via hot/cold wallet processes.
    We build everything from scratch, ensuring that we didn’t adopt existing solution out there that may have its own vulnerability. We also over 20 well experienced developers and engineers to develop our platform and our application (available both on Apple Store and Google Store). Our team leaders and founder also have years of experience in building blockchain industry.
    One-Click-to-Farm proprietary technology is developed by our team to give an easy means for user to farm without worrying about the cumbersome process.
    Check out this tutorial on how to farm and unfarm on DeFiato:
    How to farm | How to unfarm

  3. DeFiato is fully compliant with regulations and will submit all the necessary licenses required to submit for custodial services. Therefore, DeFiato requires KYC for increase of withdrawal limits as an added layer to the fact that funds are custodised (custody is different from management since we do not trade on users behalf).
    In Addition, KYC is required for our upcoming Fiat on and off ramp feature partnership with Prime Trust. Through this partnership users from all over the world would be able to transfer USD directly to the bank based in the US, and onboard their fiat directly into crypto.
    Otherwise, user could fully utilise our platform without KYC.

Regarding the Benefit, here are some details regarding the marketing and support that we could provide.

  1. What marketing support do we offer to our partners?
  • Host at least one Twitter space or Telegram AMA to introduce the project to our community
  • Create and tweet at least 5 pcs of educational contents to increase community’s awareness and adoption of the service integrated
  • Post and pin at least 3 Telegram community posts to create community engagement
  1. What support do we provide for your project token?
  • Open deposit and withdrawal for project token
  • Support swap for available trading pairs of your project token
  • Integrate your project token yield farms on DeFiato to allow community to farm with one-click
  1. For the $10,000 rewards we will ensure that PieDao will be benefited. We could add more requirements to enter such as: join all PieDao social medias, prepare a lockup period, or any terms that are mutually agreed upon. Of course the community could join the event by staking DFIAT.

Hope this clear out the questions. Thank you.

Would DeFiato integrate PieDAO without the airdrop ?

If so I would put an option in the poll to have the 10000$ conditional based on PieDAO voters.

I think onboarding PieDAO to DeFiato is good and the airdrop just a gift to DFIAT stakers which isn’t really needed per se.

I would consider this if our products(PLAY, BCP, DeFi++) were promoted/offered through DeFiato. It seems like a nice transition from offering a easy to use DeFi service with an easy way to get exposure to the many areas in crypto

I understand the centralized concern but that’s not really our call. IMO we are decentralized by choice but should stay flexible and work with projects on all sides of the governance spectrum. There should be a way for us to dissolve the partnership if we feel the project is blatantly conflicting with our values.