Pi(e) Day Meme contest

Happy πe day community!

To celebrate this year π day, I’m proposing a meme competition to boost community engagement and awareness of the project and its goals.

:trophy:Competition Prizes :trophy:

:point_right: 1K $DOUGH :cookie:Tokens weekly starting today for 4 weeks.
:point_right: 2K Additional Grand Prize for the best meme over the month

Meme Competition rules to qualify for the rewards:

  1. Post your meme on a) Twitter and b) Discord
  2. Hashtags have to be included in the Twitter post
    #pierates, #defi, and $DOUGH


1RT = 1 point
1LIKE = 0.5 point

To signaling of Top Performing memes please post your Tweet with the memes so that the team will know for sure you are complying with Rule 1.