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Forgive me if this has been discussed before, but with Coinbase’s recent changes to their new listing policy, would it be feasible to have $Dough listed on Coinbase. For those not familiar with the policy change, I’ll quote it from their recent blog post below:

  1. Bring more assets to Coinbase, faster: A few years ago we developed a rigorous process for evaluating new assets to list on our exchange (analyzing legal, security, compliance, and other risks). This process has been essential to responsibly growing our offering to date. But we need to move faster. We need to treat asset issuers as the very important customers they are, rolling out the red carpet, and courting them, and promptly responding to their inquiries. The goal is to list all legal assets and empower users to make their own risk-adjusted decisions.

With 56 million registered users worldwide, being listed on Coinbase would open up PieDAO to a wide world of users. I think it’s worth looking to see if being listed on Coinbase could be a possibility for PieDAO now or in the future.


Hey @MobiusMan thanks for putting this together. I agree Coinbase would definitely be one of the go-to venue to scale up PieDAO’s awarness.

A similar proposal emerged few month ago, right after Coinbase publicly announced its new listing policy. You can read more here GE: Join Coinbase Asset Hub

Main issue is that a legal entity is currently still required to submit listing requests, together with a detailed description of the legal entity management team, etc. All info which we can’t provide as PieDAO.

We’ve anyhow submitted a request presenting PieDAO as a decentralized entity with no legal ties (few ‘n/a’ were indeed required), hoping it won’t be discarded.

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Thanks for the explanation @gabo . Seems Coinbase still has a lot of restrictions for coins.

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My preference would be to see BCP, Defi+L and possibly PLAY on Coinbase before DOUGH.

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I can’t disagree with you @fairshare. I wouldn’t mind seeing DEFI+S on Coinbase as well.

Will Coinbase actually give us a reply back one way or another?

that should hopefully be the case

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