Pie Signal Proposal (PSP)


DAO members often share great ideas on Discord and the official Forum.
While those are great tools, it is hard to capture community support solely from comments or emoji reactions.
PIPs are intimidating for some because they require more research and technical know-how.


Pie Signal Proposal (PSP)
A non-binding proposal to signal community sentiment or desire on any topic of their like.
A PSP would give the possibility to express ideas also when not yet refined enough to submit a formal PIP.

Topics examples

  • product features or improvements
  • marketing ideas
  • partnerships
  • new opportunities
  • etc.


PSP would follow the same dynamics as the PIP, require only snapshot vote with min support to pass into consideration.


Send it!

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TBD what happens after a PSP passes.
IMO it should go to a backlog maintained by the core team or a community committee/manager.

#doit :sunglasses:

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I think this is worth trying out! It seems pretty likely that it would improve participation.

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i love it, let’s do it!

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Like the idea. How would it differenciate, content-structure wise, from the PIP? Also what’s your idea of ‘min support’, and how you see we can quantify it?

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I don’t necessarily see differences content-structure wise but I’d leave it open because:

  1. it can be about topics where a template is not needed or classic PIP templates don’t fit
  2. PSP must be less demanding to create, otherwise it could have simply been a PIP already

Regarding the support, I’d keep the same threshold as for the PIP (where however the support is only applied for onchain votes whether the snapshot does not require a minimum)

I agree that a template for a yet-to-be-digested idea may kill it’s purpose, and therefore a t may not be the best option. Yet, it should have some sort of expected/minumum structure to facilitate the PSP review, shown as an optional guide for writters, like:

  • Why
  • What
  • Who
  • When
  • Where

At the moment not even PIP have a formal template.
Some members tried to followed the same structure for new PIEs and rebalancing but it’s not required and everything else is pretty much free.
I’d say that actually PIP would need a more formal structure (I am happy to help writing a proposal) while leaving I’d leave the PSP as free as possible (at least until some pattern or the need for template emerges).

Do we need a template for PSP?
  • Yes, formal template
  • No, keep it free

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Anything in Discord scrolls out of sight. It’d be good to have a lightweight proposal so people see what’s going on over time.

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I agree, I think more important is the meta guidance of when we suggest using discord vs forum discussion vs PSP vs PSP vote vs PIP vs PIP vote


I think that this is a great idea!

Should there be an understanding that PSP proposers will participate in whatever work is required to support the proposal (should it move ahead) in whatever capacity they are able to? So that it doesn’t become an improvement wish list?


I like the idea and seems ok allowing a pattern to emerge rather than impose after some thought.

On the other hand I agree w/ @jnova that creating some guidance regarding a “typical path” of where ideas should be posted given their level of development. Additionally, clarifying expectations of when votes are required would be a good idea.


snapshot vote is open https://snapshot.org/#/piedao/proposal/QmSPg29Rgqkx95tioYew13q5FYekiNNMMbPhZ8hTPC3ERK

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Now that the vote is close, what are the next steps for you @Nico? ​

Do we need some sort of process or documentation on how to use PSP effectively?

Exactly, we need to include the process in the documentation so that participants know that they have this tool available and know how to use it. It’s on my tasks already.

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