PieDAO Marketing and Growth Initiatives

Hey all.

Today is a really exciting day. I believe it’s time to ramp up our marketing and community growth initiatives.

Right now the community has attracted a wide range of talent, including video makers, writers, marketers, analysts designers and many more.

It’s now time to work out how we can compensate/ incentivise/ reward this work, while at the same time guiding our efforts with a cohesive joint strategy.

Let’s talk about what we want to achieve, and how we’re going to get there.


From my perspctive the DAO has been putting out some quality products. We have broad defi exposure with ++, +L and +S, balanced crypto with BCP (BTC, ETH, DEFI), and a really exciting Yearn finance ecosystem pie on the way.

These pies automate investing and are leading the market. It’s time to hammer home just how good our pies and community are, focusing on expanding these products instead of diluting our offering with more pies.

As such we should put full effort behind a community-led marketing campaign. In my view the focus of this campaign should be on these core features of the DAO and our offerings:

Pies automate trading for you and outperform most active traders.
You can get pies at the tap of a button, gas-free using Oven
The DAO did the research for you, our pies provide broad exposure to the projects you should be paying attention to.
Instantly redeemable for the underlyings, any time any place.

Diversification minimises risk. Reduce your exposure to underperforming assets with diversified portfolios.
Avoid trying getting burnt trying to pick winners and losers
Fully non-custodial. Cexes lead to hacks.

Community governed
I believe we should work as a community to push our story as one of the most inclusive DAOs in the space, where everyone’s voice is heard.
Anyone can propose a pie or suggest a change
We support each other and are a welcoming family

I’d love to see discussion around what others feel our core messaging should be and how we can best spread awareness of the DAO.

Target market
Who should we focus on? Defi natives? Those familiar with traditional index products? Users new to cryptocurrency?

Measuring Success
Let’s talk about how we can define progress and success here. What are the core metrics we can track, e.g. socials growth, discord community growth, number of DOUGH holders. What is important to measure?

Primarily we have been focusing on Twitter, with limited success spreading awareness across Reddit. Should we be focusing on other platforms? Is it time for a Telegram group/ Facebook, or should we be looking at emerging platforms that share our values?

We’re not alone on this journey. Who can we work with to provide value to our community. Is working with others outside the community a valuable investment?

Can we build something to aid us on this journey? A growth hub? What would add value.

From my own part I am going to be working around the clock to create good content, including articles, guides, summaries. Working on Twitter to spread awareness and drive engagement, and expanding Decentralise to connect PieDAO with other communities and the wider defi ecosystem.

Other ideas:
Video content (guides, interviews)
Written content
Community creation challenges, e.g. memes/ content

I believe that everyone in the community has something to offer the DAO as part of this initiative. If you feel you can help out, post below and let’s talk about it.

I believe this work should be compensated, so let’s talk about the most effective ways we can fund those who help our community grow.


There is a lot to say here. So i’ll divide my reply in 2 posts.

100% agree with that. Now you have almost everything, the oven is just amazing. Comm is the next step

also agree

That’s a good question. Based on my experience I think there is different steps and taget.
DeFi native for sure. New to crypto, for sure ! But for those ones it will be a long process.
I think a lot crypto lovers on Twitter don’t realize what the reality is. Personally i’m mod on several Big crypto groups on FB. Not groups where you share scam, airdrop and co… But i have to confess that the level of question/info is not very high. It’s mainly new users and their knowledge is very low. BUT, when I published my article about indexes, I had very good feedbacks and questions. I guess those people didn’t bake a pie. But at least they know that there is this option. But bewteen buying BTC for the first time, and buying a piece of pie i think there is a hudge cap ! Pie are the cherry on the cake. You need to understand crypto, to understabd Defi … and then you can understand why Pies are cool.

So to sum up, i think we should target all users ! But not with the same approach. Again, for my website (mainly for people discovering Defi), I try to keep things simple. So if you say what you said before (simple, safe, community governed) and you write a super simple tutorial to show how it works (and the oven is just amazing) you can target more people.

And then you have more complicated articles, where you analyse everything, do crazy graphs, compare with single asset , other indexes…

As said above, it’s hard. I think it will take time. Especially for new users.

Twitter is probably the best place. Being part of several projects, the more platforms you use, the more difficult is it to follow. I would only use FB to share articles on crypto groups. Not more. Telegram can be nice but the info is very diluted

Same here ! Can also try to create some Meme. But you are doing it better than me ^^

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And a proposition:

**1. Describe the initiative **

Organize a contest. Several ideas:

  • A meme contest
  • A simple RT contest
  • An EIF5/ meme contest to explain why Pied DAO is nice

The idea behind this, is to speak more broadly about the project and maybe introduce new Pies to the community.

2. Does it require development resources? If yes, any estimation?

Not really. Just find some prizes. Some idea

  • A piece of Pie (need to define a budget)
  • We can create some goodies (sticker, socks(i love socks ! but no NFT, real socks you can wear and wash !) We have super nice designers, so we should be able to create something cool.

3. How do we define success for this initiative?
Short term, it will be the number of participants, numbers of RT, likes … And maybe new users
But can also help for long term, as a contest on Twitter can also target new users

4. What are the distribution channel for it?
Probably Twitter

5. Do we need external partership to make it happen?
Not really

6. What’s the budget needed for it, if any.
Not much I guess. If we go for pieces of pie. Lets say there is 10 prizes, 50$ each prize = 500$ + gas fees to send it

If we go for some goodies. Let’s say 20 pairs of socks. (good quality, custom design, maybe around 20$ ???) , = 20 x 20 = 400$ + shipping around the world (20x10) = 200 = 600$ in total


DeFi natives first, New to crypto second.
Both require custom messages and campaigns, focus on one first. Why DeFi Natives? Because you can minimize a lot the educational side of it (which takes a lot of time).

Main KPI in order to succeed is TVL, focus on that and grow the pie. The other will follow, if they don’t we can optimize for specific one.
The most important today to make the project succeed is TVL, any active should be target to boost that one first.

Twitter is wide and should be kept as priority. Secondary channels have to be reached on a community basis imo. It’s not reddit as a whole, it’s /ethtrader, it’s not Telegram but specific channels and the communities they represent.

Yes, cross pollination of communities are good, if well orchestrated.

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Good initiative. I would prepare longer thoughts on my ideas on this front, but purely in a process / organisational way, @williambrealey1 do you already have some place where you are planning your content?

I am wondering if something like a “Community action” Trello board would make sense, once there is consensus that an initiative should be completed, to track the status. When it is completed, measure the impact.

In terms of suggesting pies, the PIP system is working and the vote is completed and the engineers are implementing the pie. But for marketing, potential contributors in the community would be working ad hoc and it would make sense to track the work somehow.

What do you think? @williambrealey1 @alexintosh @Cryptouf

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@Lui don’t know :rofl:

When you say Trello Board you are speaking about that ? : https://trello.com/en
If yes, I used it for another project and it was a nightmare … It was to synchronize translations, and we quickly used something else.

But I’m not sure I understand your point here. I think the post if more about marketing event and extra things we could do. I guess we should keep the medium/blog as it is. And just add extra “special content” to boost “marketing” and reach new people.

I think getting on the same page marketing wise is useful and a trello or alternative software to get us coordinating with more time related functionality would be useful when things are kinda moving. A calendar of when stuff is launching, when we start pushing “x index” or whatever, when we are promoting Y could provide value.

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DeFi native should in my view be the core target, with a focus on broad outreach to new users as we move through the bull market.

Agree. I am going to be setting aside a small amount of time to work on a beginner guide series aimed at these people that will be perfect for sharing in these groups. Which groups would be valuable is not my area of expertise, would you be able to help compile a list?

Let’s build out this community and Reddit as well, I’ll post more in the discord on this. Perhaps we can incentivise people to join these channels with another promotion, as we did with DeFi socks.

Recent competition engagement has shown how valuable this is. Let’s strategise a recurring competition, e.g. plan to do one every month working with a different partner to keep it exciting, on-trend, and broaden reach.

Agreed. As I’ll be taking up most of my time with this I suggest prioritising defi natives and preparing guides in the background, ready to push out through broader outreach channels (facebook groups etc) once there is high wide crypto publicity and the most to be gained from the effort.

This sounds like a strong priority, in that case I will focus on content that emphasises messaging demonstrating how our pies make crypto simple, safe, and outperform trading.

absolutely agree (although r/ethfinance is now where the quality content and community is. I have been an active member since the early days here, and have already been crossposting our announcements and talking about pies whenever we have something new to add value to the community there (no shilling).
What other Reddit communities do we think would be valuable to build engagement in? r/DeFi is growing but still not established. r/Cryptocurrency is too broad.

Perhaps I can create content that would add value to the underlying asset subreddits, eg Uniswap etc.

Absolutely, I’ll set this up as it will be much easier to keep both a higher level and details organised.

Yearn ecosystem blog
As Yearn has become a dominant player (also providing high engagement) if YPIE passes I am considering a weekly Yearn Ecosystem Pie blog (could do DeFi+L too). This would provide an easy overview of what’s going on across the ecosystem, being a handy resource for those engaging in metagovernance (coming soon). I am already involved in a number of the communities so this wouldn’t be too time consuming, and there a re a few ways we can integrate into the ecosystem for mutual cooperation. It could be a valuable effort, do others agree this would add value?

Summarising developments
Really great input so far everyone.

Regarding working with defi focused media outlets I have been focusing on Bankless, The Defiant, DefiSlate, and also have good relationship with Messari (new index piece on the way).

Where else would we like to see our pies talked about?

Would we consider funding exposure, e.g. a guide series with prominent defi figures. (Focused on attracting TVL, not a DOUGH pump and dump).

If so where would be the best to focus our resources?

Here’s the Trello board, open to everyone: https://trello.com/b/mGrWwHX2/piedao-marketing

For my part I will:
Continue creating relevant/ valuable content for defi-native users with a focus on TVL growth.
Continue using Twitter and Reddit for outreach
Liaise with relevant defi-focused media to see how we can ramp up our outreach
Strategise competitions and other ways to raise engagement with both our channels and products
Begin creating beginner friendly content and facebook group channels ready for bull season.
Continue working with other projects to promote pie integration and other ways to connect our communities and build reach.

For those who have something to offer (that’s everyone), where do you see yourself providing the most value? I’d like to see our community members rewarded for their work, so let’s connect both here and on Trello and get organised.

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Ok so it’s seems we (all) agree. Especially for contests. So you we maybe focus on that first, or create a specific post. So we can speak about a budget, how to organize it … I think that now it’s a good period. People will have more time with holidays., and they probably travel less. So they will have more time to spend on Twitter :rofl:

We (Yearn Team) already start this type of newsletter, it’s super useful when different protocols collaborate together , so users can be aware of what is happening more globally . Not 100% sure , how you want to do it, but it’s a good idea. Especially if it’s not too time consuming for you.

I can help with ideas
Will probably focus on Twitter, not very fan of reddit.
Can translate and share your articles for the French community. Simple article are very nice, and my readers love it. But i also really like you very deep article with a lot of graphs and comparison. So happy to do both.
I have created a specific page for Yearn content on my website. I’m starting to do the same for Pickle , also happy to do on for PieDAO and start centralizing all articles concerning Pies. At the moment is everywhere on the website.
I’m also repeating myself, but my next goal is to create a step by step tutorial to explain hw to use the oven, Again people like this . Just waiting for some fund to be able to put something in the oven ^^ (Gitcoin round is finished soon, so I should have some founds)

Overall happy to help, create content …
And what about a AMA ? Maybe it’s something you can plan at the beginning of next year. Can be like a small interview, not necessarily something big. But people can ask questions and it’s also a good way to centralize all important information.

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Respectfully, I find the current marketing initiatives unclear and a bit all over the place. The way I see it there are some short term high impact items which could have quite a large impact in terms of communication, low hanging fruits that we should pick before getting dispersed in other directions.

  • The first Chico Crypto video brought some awareness to the project with new members joining, it would be very easy to contact him again with updated material and news about the project (ExperiPie) to start working on a new full length video dedicated to PieDAO and have its release coincide with the launch of ExperiPie (or a bit before).
  • The team over at Argent integrated some PieDAO products directly in their wallet, this is pretty huge and we should leverage that by cross posting blog posts and retweeting with them.

Now that last one is less of a short term thing potentially but it’s still a low hanging fruit in terms of efforts spent to get it going:

  • Fill a Binance listing request. Listing on major centralized exchanges and related price action remains one of the best possible marketing in crypto land.

I should add that if Binance asks for some kind of listing fee after receiving the request, it shouldn’t be seen in a dogmatic way with over the top reactions in the flavor of “centralized scam!”, “we’re never paying any fee!!!”. This should be interpreted as paying for a collection of services such as market making, accessibility for smaller holders who don’t want to pay $10 swap fees, marketing, custody, etc). So in that case, any listing fee could for example be submitted to a vote from DOUGH holders.

That being said, Binance doesn’t necessarily request any listing fee.

Personally I would like to see us focus on these low hanging fruits before coming up with a ton of other ideas requiring more work and more structure.


Look out for a specific post regarding budget from Alexintosh in the coming days that should further this discussion and hopefully enable us to do a lot more and react quickly

Fantastic, I will keep working here and see how we can best add value to the Yearn ecosystem governance through YPIE.

Translations and growing the French community is a great addition in my opinion.

I agree this is a good idea, I have already been organising this with the r/ethfinance community, where else could we do an AMA?

@experience I agree, this is more of a broad brainstorming channel rather than a specific strategy campaign. There will be a focused marketing and wider PieDAO budget proposal in the near future.

Agree, continuing to grow this relationship will be a feature of the campaign.

Argent is a priority too, looking forward to seeing potential integrations with Oven and pies. A link has been made here and I am more than willing to write content and build a stronger link.

CEX do provide value, and Binance would be the ideal candidate. This is something that’s underway.

Another suggestion I am working on is a partnership with Bankless. I believe our values are highly aligned and we could play a core role in the Bankless mission, especially with gas-free minting with Oven etc. Their audience is exactly our focus, and with Podcasts, Videos, Newsletter etc there is a lot of potential channels to explore.
Considering the alignment I believe their offerings would be a good investment for both community and TVL growth.


I’m building r/YieldFarm small but growing. just cross post your blogs

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I’m new here, so hello, this project is very cool to me. I have an idea for a new pie called the All Seeing Pie $ASP. Oracles are integral to smart contract functionality, and there is more than one solution in that sector of the blockchain market. A oracle pie would present opportunity to retail investors who don’t know the differences between chainlink and other oracle solutions, but want exposure to the oracle market.

As I said, I’m new here so idk if I even have the ability to create a proposal and don’t want to barge in and clutter the space.

Between link, api3, band, trb, xyo, other oracle solutions, I’d be interested in discussing what % each coin should have. Real heavy on the link though, as it has so many integrations in and out of the blockchain space. Like, upwards of 75%, because it is the current standard for oracles, but other solutions have integrations too.


Hi @MasterSpoon. Welcome here !

It’s a good idea. We can imagine Pie for everything ^^. and if could be nice to have a Pie for every “topic”.

I don’t want to say something wrong, but i think that the priority now, it to focus on existing pie and trying to attract more users. With the next YPIE, we will already have a lot of choice.

But, if it doesn’t already exist, we should probably create a post, where people can put their dream pie :rofl:

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@Cryptouf We could have a “pie bake-off” to signal the next pie creation on a consistent basis to build rhythm, have more content and projects to market and promote community engagement.

What I’ve noticed is that for the defi natives in this market, without consistent hype around upgrades, people don’t have the bandwidth to remember everything that’s going on in the space. If there was a reason for people to stay engaged and excited, the dao has a chance to corner a good chunk of the index market. I don’t think the dao should come up with 100 pies that aren’t well thought out and rush to get them to market; but, I do think in order to compete with Index, Set, Melon, and whatever else is out there, the dao needs to have stuff for people to remain excited about.

There are 2 generalized defi pies, a defi pie-ception pie, and an established on Ethereum pie. That’s good, but there is insurance, oracles, governance, and a couple more sectors that could make for some tasty pie. It doesn’t need to happen right this second, and there are other areas that I’m sure devs are focused on.

The intent of my comment was to engage with the community, as I’ve been doing some digging, and I like what I see in the potential of this project. So, I agree that we need to attract more users, and my thought is by delivering consistent progress the chance of growth increases.

Here is my logic behind that thought
current users debate and vote on a new pie->new pie is made -> new news cycle-> fresh eyes finding the dao/pies-> new users for the next pie debate

Eventually, we will run out of blockchain market sectors to make pies worth anything, and that’s fine. If the dao is in a position of general public trust and enthusiasm for the selection of sector focused and generalied pies, new folks who are looking to lower risk will be more likely to buy pies. And, if we have the hype behind this project and consistent community engagement, the chances of getting our pies and dough on fiat exchanges goes up. “If you bake it, they will come” if you will.


Welcome! Glad you found it to our forum, everyone is encouraged to get involved in discussions and propose a new pie!

I like your idea but I think there are a number of reasons we should keep a focused pie range for now, including building reach and buzz around individual with strong and clear messaging, liquidity (and the advantages this brings being able to integrate pies into other DeFi protocols), and allowing us to focus our developer time on other features, e.g. user-focused adoption features.

We are on the verge of releasing a brand new pie design, v2Pies, which will unlock metagovernance, yield-bearing assets, active yield farming. This introduces a lot of the functionality you are talking about, and there’es potential to update our existing pies to the new design.

Welcome to the community, make sure to join our Discord if you didn’t already: https://discord.gg/Vu8BtYUs

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Hi guies,

Thanks @Cryptouf for leading me here, this is amazing work you are doing man.

And so is the PieDAO community : very amazed to see the efforts made toward durable communication and learned a good chunk about your expectations.

Now I would like to propose a partnership to help building up PieDAO community. They main aspect of this collaboration are content creation, social media support and synergy building.

By content, I mean memes, NFTs, tweets and blogs that keeps up with your newsflow. A creampie kiss meme is cool, but in your case you want a yPIE kiss meme. With a pool of artists within your reach, you can now expect tailor fit meme, spontaneous art creation and access to specific commissions.

When it comes to social media, it is all about CT in which every member of our networks participate to a degree. It is all genuine humans at works, no bots or whatever autoscript you might think of.

Finally, when it comes to synergy building, this is all about entering an alpha ecosystem of Defi Projects : ongoing partnerships includes $SUSHI, $SNOW and $AMP to name a few, all benefiting from cross exposure with the liberty to push synergies as they see fit.

Today we work on minimum one year partnerships, favoring payments made with your native token. Tokens are slowly distributed over 365 days to our community : the best way we found to incentive our work with your success.

I believe this would be a great fit as we seem to be sharing values of fair launch and community led development.

If you like the idea I will provide more details in a dedicated PIP post.


could you post some live examples? sounds interesting

Sure, here are some tweets showing content from our community :


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