PieDAO Roadmap 2021 - Q2

Q1 was a critical period for PieDAO, laying the groundwork and establishing strategic partnership to make the DAO ready to hit full gas on growth in Q2

Here’s the highlight of the core developments in Q1:

  • We expanded our product range with the hugely successful Ethereum gaming and metaverse pie PLAY, giving holders direct exposure to real NFTs thanks to a collaboration with NFTX.

  • We introduced a new product line, PieVaults and the peripherical Protocol migrator, allowing holders to passively benefit from the intrinsic productivity of multiple strategies without lifting a finger, as well as meta-governance and a much more secure architecture.

  • We introduced the new DOUGHpamine liquidity incentives program, together with a more efficient staking contract, that puts DOUGH at the heart of all pairs and links its success with the rapidly growing DeFi and gaming ecosystems, and increases the demand for DOUGH on the market. The currently incentivised pairs are rewarding liquidity providers with over 1000% APR.

Finally, several improvements in the frontend application have been rolled out as well including the Exchange and Piefolio, as well as tooling such as Tiramisu.

We have built an incredibly proud organic community on Discord and here in the forum with several members taking the lead in designing new products :handshake:.

Q2 is set to be a truly game-changing period for PieDAO, with the planned introduction of a series of long-awaited features, as well as some exciting brand-new developments.

Treasury Vaults

Introduction of a whole new product line that will offer DAOs custom treasury management solutions - Treasury Vaults.

Treasury Vaults are tokenized portfolios that truly unlock the power of the PieVault architecture. As well as using strategies such as lending they are able to hold positions in liquidity pools like Uniswap / Sushiswap and Curve, farming tokens by staking in contracts such as the Masterchef and Gauges and compounding profits. As such they lay down the tech for LP Indexes which were proposed by the community not long ago.

These vaults can be co-governed between the DAO deploying the funds and PieDAO, allowing DAOs community to ultimately vet decisions on how funds are used.

Treasury Vaults are tailor-made for each one DAO, allowing decentralized communities to easily maximize their potential and mitigate risk.

The pilot program of Treasury Vaults is about to launch with Aragon, subject to a successful vote by their community. A proposal will be published for PieDAO to do the same soon.

DOUGH Staking

A long-awaited and discussed feature within the community has been around:

  • How to distribute fees to DOUGH Token Holders?
  • How to align incentives for governance partecipation?
  • How to incentivise long term holding of DOUGH?

Previous research and discussions have provided invaluable feedback for the design of an upgraded governance module does answer those questions while increasing decentralization of the community.

It allows for better alignment of incentives for DOUGH token holders to hold and participate.

For the sake of brevity, more details will be coming out in a separate post but I want to reiterate that
it’s our top priority to allow anyone to participate in governance by eliminating gas cost in voting, because of that the governance in the new system will take place in an optimistic execution flow, enabling users to keep voting gas-free and execute the result on-chain.

PieVaults 2.0

The next release of PieVaults focused on features to enhance yield generation capabilities and user experience improvements for the end-users.

Single asset entry/exit & Buffer

The BufferFacet allows the use of on-chain oracles to enable single asset entry and exit for a supported asset into a Vault, effectively merging together the existing Ovens and the Pies into one single product.

The Buffer is a significant improvement as it means holderds of a Vault do not have to rely on AMMs to enter and exit positions. Using the buffer entering/exiting a position into a pie is instant and extremely gas efficient, meaning you will receive your pie atomically and does not require a second step by the users like it happens today with the Oven (first deposit, later withdraw).

Yearn Strategy Support

Support that enables yearn strategies to be used inside PieVaults. The interface used by Yearn strategies had become an industry standard in DeFi, by using them PieDAO products will be able to inherit existing strategies but also open up the opportunity for strategist to build on top of a familiar interface.

The StrategyBasket module enables to define ratios for multiple stategies attached to a single asset within a pie at the same time. This functionality enables to merge the benefit of diversification with the best yield generating stategy available in the market. You can think about it as a multi dimensional yearn vault.

Take the Example of a fictional USD Vault composed of 50% DAI & 50% USDC:

USD Vaults:

  • 50% USDC
    • 20% deployed on StrategyIdle --> Farms COMP & Idle
    • 20% deployed on Alpha Homora v2 --> Generate Yield
    • 20% deployed on StrategyGenericLevCompFarm --> Leverages USDC to borrow an additional amount
    • 20% deployed on PoolTogether --> Farming POOL & Partecipating in the lottery
    • 20% deployed on Single Side Crv USDC --> Earning Swap Fees & Farming CRV
  • 50% DAI
    • 20% deployed on StrategyIdle --> Farms COMP & Idle
    • 20% deployed on StrategyLenderYieldOptimiser --> Yield bouncing between CREAM, AAVE or ALPHA HOMORA.
    • 20% deployed on Alpha Homora v2 --> Generate Yield
    • 20% deployed on StrategyGenericLevCompFarm --> Leverages USDC to borrow an additional amount
    • 20% deployed on PoolTogether --> Farming POOL & Partecipating in the lottery

Synthetix Synths Support

Support for the Synthetix platform allowing for zero slippage and infinite liquidity on 42 synthetic assets. Vaults based on Synths allow for efficient rebalancing without liquidity concerns and opens up the possibility for Pie Architect to include exposure to synthetic equity such as sFB, sAAPL, sAMZN, sNFLX, and sGOOG.

Creating a product composed of only synths has little risk involved to the assets and it would be possible to delegate external managers to take ownership of the rebalancing, as well as attaching an off-chain trading bot for instance or even implement on-chain trading system assuming the oracles are available (ie: RSIManager).

:robot: I would like to see a high-frequency trading bot managing a pie as fast as Synthetix moves forward to their own Optimism rollout.

New adventures on EVM Compatible chains.

While our focus will stay Ethereum, we believe it’s of vital importance that DeFi does not only work for high net worth individuals.

We have plans to actively deploy products on EVM compatible chains starting with sidechains and help facilitate the bridging of assets between them.

What is your favorite sidechain?
  • Polygon
  • Binance Smart Chain
  • xDAI

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Onboarding Partners for Growth

On top of the development roadmap, we have been setting the scene for a strong growth push. Starting from May, we will be working with WachsmanPR, crypto’s leading PR agency led by marketing veterans, to amplify our voice and spread our vision wider, onboarding new users and community members. Additionally, we will be working with Wintermute, one of the most respected market-makers, to ensure both our governance token DOUGH and the Pie products have sufficient liquidity on the markets.

Expanding the team

To execute on this ambitious product roadmap, as well as the aggressive growth plan we are looking to hire the most extraordinary Engineers, a Product Manager, and a Head of Marketing to join the journey with us. If you think you are aligned with the mission and want to get involved, check out the job specs and apply here.

More roles will likely become available in the near future as we continue to build the rockstar team.


As you can see, we have an exciting and eventful quarter coming up. Work on several of the mentioned developments is well under way, and we’re looking forward to sharing more details very shortly.

The core team would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who’s been with us on our journey to this point, and warmly welcome all new members. PieDAO as an organization is founded upon its community.

:clinking_glasses: Here’s to a fantastic Q2! :clinking_glasses:


Thanks for all this information @alexintosh! While I’m very new to PieDAO, I already see so much innovation coming in the future.

I noticed you are looking to hire a few new people for the team. While I don’t have the experience to do any of those open roles, I am a recruiter by trade. I’d be happy to help you search for new team members if the team would be interested.


The roadmap is very exciting. With LP indices and Pie Vaults 2.0. The variety of Pies is so abundant!


Thanks for offering, can you reach out to me or @anastasiyabelyaeva on Discord? I appreciate the help.

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can’t wait to see all those things. Very excited by the PieVaults 2.0 and DOUGH staking !


Could you clarify this? Am I reading this at just entering or exiting with a single transaction? What is meant by single asset entry and exit?

Looks extremely promising and ambitious, I like it!


It would enable to enter a PieVaul with a single transaction from ETH or an asset within the Pie itself assuming there is an available price feed.