PieDAO Website 2.0

Hello PieDAO tribe, how are you all doing?

We are excited to let you know that we’ve started working on pieDAO 2.0 website!

As a community, we would like to hear you thoughts and your wishes.
The main goal of this topic is to collect a list of features/requirements/ideas to work on during the development of the new version of our website.

We have a few areas in which we are definitely looking to improve, based on some of the feedback over the past few months:

  • Consolidate some of the learning materials across PieDAO products, making it a bit easier to digest for new joiners
  • Consolidating our applications for Staking, Investing and Claiming all into one place.
  • Making it easier to use the website, by improving structure and contents

Few things to keep in mind:

  • Prefix your answer by using a description tag, such as [IDEA] or [NEW-FEATURE] or [UI]
  • avoid writing long answers, try to keep it brief and clear, so we can all read through this topic easily

So, any idea, feedback, improvement you feel to suggest us?
We’re very open to a creative and constructive brainstorming with you all, so… let the brainstorm start!


Hey, look at some concepts I made recently


[UI] Dark Mode
[UI] Very mobile friendly
[New Feature] Have an integrated bounty board that can be updated through a CMS


#justpieit :pie:

UI.PiePage - if wallet connected it should show, how of a single asset within the pie the person holding
UI.PiePage - showing as exploded pie chart

[UI] Would be nice if my staked BCP showed up with my other holding instead of having to hunt for it. Like the look, thanks.

It would be good if the spammy airdrops I’ve received were hidden from the Piefolio, and it only displayed things relevant to PieDAO



  • Rethink the Piefolio section as a tool to manage your PieDAO portfolio only, remove everything else.

  • Add a glossary component where people can look up terms, the A-Z of financial terminology. add the glossary to every page to facilitate people interaction.

  • Build different visualizations for pies and my own portfolio.


  • Simplify the buying pies process, allow for gasless trades via Cowswap

  • Notification for important stuff happening in the DAO and related to the products I’m exposed to.

  • Add a section with the lore of PieDAO, with the goal to provide the identity of the organization. it will narrate our purpose, our story, our people.

  • Provide me with analytics of my piedao product investment, how did I do in the timeframe I’ve held product X?

  • Provide me detailed analytics of the product itself, how does it look like compared to the single underlying and ETH / BTC?

  • Provide me information about the single underlying in a pie. What is the project about? What do they do? What should I know about them? Are there news?

  • Add a Newsroom with relevant things happening to the coins I’m exposed to via pies.


Mostly focuses on creating a socialized experience to investing and wealth generation.

  • Add a backtesting tool to the website which would allow me to make better and more informed decisions on which pie I should be taking.

  • Allow me and other users to express our sentiment on single coins in a portfolio.

  • Allow users to share their portfolio with the community and ask for feedback.

  • Allow users to start a conversation on adding new coins directly from the portfolio page, you can think about it as an edit mode for pies, once submitted we should have a section showing all the different proposals and how they perform to each other.


wow really nice

Place our products at the very top of the homepage- then we can go into the buy DOUGh story.

Decouple the DOUGH/Governance story from our products by keeping homepage product specific. After all users can hold our products but not be members, and vice-versa(although highly unlikely).