PiePool v PieVault head to head slugfest

I propose we build beta versions of 3 popular pies on the opposite pie architecture:

  • DEFI+s as a PieVault
  • DEFI+l as a PieVault
  • BCP as a PieVault

Then place an equal market value of each, about ~$100, as well as the same market value of the original pies built with the AMM architecture, into a wallet and watch how they perform over time.

I think this will be a beneficial experiment to help the community better understand the tradeoffs and performance of our two pie architectures.

Inspiration from @BlockEnthusiast:


Thanks for bringing this up @jnova. I’m leaning more toward the idea of migrating the existing pies to the new architecture as it would generate many other opportunities. What are your thoughts about that?

I just don’t have a good feel for how significant the swap fees are to overall AMM pie performance, and if in some cases that might prove to be a better option than PieVaults. So this research is meant to further our understanding.

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