PieVaults questions/suggestions

Hi Guys

First thanks and congratulation for this amazing work. The team is exceptional !

After reading, trying to understand and translating the last article I have some questions and suggestions. I post it here, because it will be easier to organize answers and other users can find it more easily. Maybe it can also be nice to do a FAQ for PieVaults as it will be the next big step for the protocol !

  • Suggestion: The illustration shows an example with SNX and Compound. Can we have the same one with YFI and other tokens compositing the YPIE ?

  • To better understand I think it will be easier to take the example of the YPIE. For example, regarding YFI, how does it work exactly ? Will the YFI composing the pie, will be staked on the YFI vault on YearnFinance and generate more YFI ?

  • If we take Pickle. Stacking PICKLE will generate DILL. What will you do will those DILL ? sell it to buy more Pickle ?

  • Regarding the governance: I understood that DOUGH will be the central piece. But concretely how will it work ? Again let’s take the example of Yearn.
    If there is a proposal on Yearn, you will open a proposal here, and people will be able to vote with DOUGH ? And then you will vote on the behalf of YPIE’s users on Yearn ?
    So it’s not a delegation like xToken for example ?
    But it also means that users with DOUGH can vote, even if they don’t have YPIE ?

  • As i said at the beginning, an illustration, with the YPIE, explaining all steps could be very helpful. Some users of Yearn Vaults are doing it systematically, and it’s very useful to understand how each vault works.

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I’m guessing you’re referring to lending here. The assets are lent using various DeFi profiles EMG. Cream, Aave. It counted between providers to get the best rate.

Right now PieVaults have meta-governance and lending of the assets. Native staking can be done in future. With Pickle it would stake and lock pickle and use the DILL for governance.

Exactly, DOUGH holders gain a passport to governance across DeFi, regardless of what pies they hold.

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ok thanks for you answers @williambrealey1

No I was more referring to the YFI vault in YEARN, where you stack YFI and you receive fees generated by the protocol. So if I understand well the pie is not doing like that. Instead, it “just” lend asset , but won’t put is in other vaults.

OK. So every time Yearn or Pickle, or another protocol including in the pie will have a vote, you will also make a vote here for DOUGH holders, and then vote on their behalf.