PIP 10: PieDAO DeFi++ Index

Following up from my tweet -> https://twitter.com/lkwtn/status/1316257158703403008

I think it would make sense to eat the DOUGH we bake - thus adding $DOUGH to the DEFI+S pie makes sense

Following @ johnnysokko’s suggestion CRV could be added to DEFI+ L with a fully diluted valuation of approx $1.7bn

I would definitely add my support for DOUGH to be included in DeFi+S. +1

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Loving this, gonna simulate the DOUGH addition in DEFI+S asap.

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New DEFI+S allocation

Here a new proposed allocation for DEFI+S, to be introduced during the first upcoming rebalancing. Once rebalanced, the proposal would be to enable trading applying a 1% fee, same as DEFI+L.

Similarly as proposed with DEFI+L, a few elements were introduced:

Sentiment Score
Also in DEFI+S a sentiment score was introduced to assess, for all underlying assets, what’s the community perspective on the 3 following pillars:

  1. Innovation (Solution & Roadmap/Timeline)
  2. Functionality to the DeFi Ecosystem (Uniqueness & Composability)
  3. Growth Potential (P/E Ratio, Volume & Outstanding Supply)

Each of the above items is graded on a scale from 1 to 12, and the resulting Sentiment Score for each asset contributes as per a defined weight (now = 20%) to the definition of the total allocation of the asset in the Index. Any feedback are welcome.

Changes in underlying allocations

  1. Proposed introduction of $DOUGH as underlying asset - As requested multiple times by the community, we do agree that $DOUGH may deserve a place in our beloved DEFI+S Pie, despite its infancy.
  2. New Max allocation Cap to 20% - Given the growing number of underlying assets represented in DEFI+S, it would now make sense to align the max allocation cap to DEFI+L, taking it down from 30% (previous value due to the presence of only 6 assets) to 20%.

DEFI+S Pie Allocation (3)

All numbers can be explored in detail on this spreadsheet

Resulting DEFI++
According to the above allocation of DEFI+S, the resulting DEFI++ allocation as 70% DEFI+L & 30% DEFI+S would be the following:

Screen Shot 2020-10-15 at 19.24.18

DEFI++ Assets (2)

Please share your thought on this!


I think this allocation is fantastic and would love to see this moved forwards to a vote. Great work!

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+1 on adding DOUGH to DeFi+S

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