PIP 12: Staking and Delegation Request for comments

Here’s an actionable proposal for enabling staking and delegation via FLOUR.


  • DOUGH for creating proposals, non-transferable.
  • DOUGH can be burned for FLOUR for people interested in delegation more than active participation.
  • FLOUR voting with staking and delegation, transferable.
  • Staking rewards arrive in DOUGH so that if someone gets FLOUR from the market, they “earns” his way to create proposals by participating in governance.
  • Staking rewards escrowed for 26 weeks
  • No penalty policy, only rewards and no slashing.
  • Rewards targeting 50% for the first year.

Full proposal here: https://docs.piedao.org/papers/pip-11-phase-0-staking-and-delegation


Is there a rationale for having to claim rewards? I know other initiatives have done this, but if an epoch lasts a week, claiming rewards turns into a repetitive weekly task. Could an autoClaim option be created?

Since the rewards are in DOUGH, there’s no compounding, and no reason to not claim the DOUGH (and start the escrow counter) ASAP.

AutoClaim could easily be implemented by staking pools, shouldn’t be an issue.

Vote #205 is up