PIP 13: DOUGH v2/ETH Market liquidity

Proposal for the provision of liquidity to a multi-sig address to instantiate the DOUGHv2/ETH market on Balancer post migration

Medium: https://medium.com/piedao/piedao-token-migration-d2e9cd5d1a16

Xls: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ja3hCloZnGmiAVSk9Iel4sjGN2YAfdKQ938CJuH-5QM/edit?usp=sharing

PieDAO is entering the next phase of its mission to democratize the access to wealth allocation strategies by migrating the currently non-transferable token (DOUGHv1) to a transferable one (DOUGHv2).

Following the release of the Migration app, vested DOUGHv1 tokens could be migrated to their equivalent DOUGHv2. Coincidentally a market should be opened in order to allow a broader distribution of DOUGHv2 tokens.

PieDAO should be providing the required liquidity to instantiate a 80/20 $DOUGHv2/$ETH pool on Balancer to open the market. The proposed pool sizing to provide enough will be:

Screen Shot 2020-09-15 at 12.34.06

This request is, therefore, to temporarily send 600 ETH to the multi-sig below (controlled by DAO members) that will take care to instantiate the Balancer Pool as above:

vote is up here:

IPFS: https://gateway.pinata.cloud/ipfs/QmdrTT5Uf5L2caCm2T5PURxK2dYEiyjscajsxCdDeG2YQM


I think its a great idea. Imo it would be worthwhile exploring something similar that would provide sufficient initial liqidity for DEFI+S/L on AMMs - especially for the current iteration that cost a lot in gas to do a single asset mint.

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Good point. It’s actually something under discussion so it would be great to move forward with a proposal also for that :+1:t2:

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