PIP 14: $DOUGH farming proposal

With the creation of the $DOUGH / ETH 80/20 Balancer pool, PieDAO will also open its $DOUGH farming season!

PieDAO Incentives:
As announced here, 60,000,000 DOUGH v2 tokens (60% of total) will be locked in a vault off-circulation and assigned to the DAO to promote its development overtime through liquidity mining programs and other incentives.

All Liquidity Providers to selected pools will be eligible for these incentive programs by staking their LP tokens to PieDAO staking contract.

Week 1 distribution:
In order to kick-off the farming season at its best, on the first week alone PieDAO will distribute 250k $DOUGH (!!) among all Liquidity Providers, with pro-rata distribution per second as per staking share.
200k DOUGH will be reserved as staking incentive of the DOUGH / ETH pool alone, with the aim to ensure that a consistent portion of all DOUGH V2 migrated will be staked there for reward since day 1, promoting a healtier market through the liquidity contributed to the DOUGH/ETH pool.

The following programs will be launched on Saturday, October 3rd at 6pm UTC (8pm CEST).

Screen Shot 2020-10-01 at 10.12.41

Programs criteria will be reassessed on a weekly basis, with the intention to have them running on the following weeks as well.

Following Weeks:
For reference, after week1 all incentive programs will share a cumulative weekly reward of 150k DOUGH, of which 25k reserved for any new program launched to incentivize a Pie (DEFI+L as soon as out, BTC++, USD++, and more to come).


Proposed pools:

:unicorn: DAI/DEFI+S: 0x7aefaf3ea1b465dd01561b0548c9fd969e3f76ba
:balance_scale: ETH/DEFI+S: 0x35333cf3db8e334384ec6d2ea446da6e445701df
:balance_scale: DOUGH/ETH: To be deployed

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I’m planning to extend shortly this proposal with the addition of a reward multiplier factoring in the length of staking for LPs that won’t be claiming their weekly incentives over a defined period of time, somehow similar to the token-geyser introduced by Ampleforth

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