PIP 17: LP Stakers get alternative governance token

Balance pool LPs who stake BPT get to liquidity mine some $DOUGH but do not get to participate in governance with $DOUGH so they can suffer IL and are excluded from governance :stuck_out_tongue:

I mentioned it in #governance-discussion in Discord.

Proposed tickers were


Update for clearer rephrasing:

Alexintosh | PieDAOToday at 3:33 PM
You are proposing that LPs in the DOUGH pools receive a third token which will enable them to keep participating in governance while in the BPT right?

ericjuta Today at 3:34 PM

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I want to rephase this so I can understand better.

You are proposing that LPs in the DOUGH pools receive a third token which will enable them to keep participating in governance, correct?

Updated OP

Makes sense to me. Was going to suggest $BAKE but seems like another project us using the ticker

Improving governance engagement would get a vote from me, although I can’t comment as to the risks/ ease of doing it.

Perhaps it should a bakery tool related ticker (function relating to governing function) so that we don’t over complicate with multiple food products.

$OVEN/ $CHEF etc Where the pies are made

I would like to believe I’m active in the community as a LP. However, at this point all of my dough is tied up in the geyser or is in the DOUGH-ETH pool. This effectively means I have no voting say. Also, now with the escrowed provisions coming more into play I’ll continue to be negatively impacted for the long term. I’m open to whatever idea will allow me to have some type of say by virtue of how I’m contributing to the community.

This is definitely a problem but I would suggest a different solution.

The proposed solution doesn’t solve the problem of getting voting power with your liquidity pool position. Plus, adding a new additional token like $BAKE or $pDOUGH would be incredibly confusing to participants. Wouldn’t this token also have it’s own speculative value on the market? Wouldn’t this cannibalize DOUGH market cap? Very confusing.

Here’s how I see it…

Problem: People who are staking their DOUGH in a Balancer pool are unable to participate in governance.

Solution: Add the ability to stake the BPT tokens (the tokens representing their portion of the DOUGH Balancer pool they are in) to participate in governance, alongside DOUGH token holders.

This solves the problem with the least amount of added complexity.