PIP 21: Week 3 incentive programs

Week 3 distribution:

For Week 3 we’d proposed to confirm the current incentive structure & programs active as of Week 2: so we are glad to announce the distribution of an additional 150k DOUGH among all Liquidity Providers on the eligible pools!

The following incentive programs will be launched on week 3, starting on Saturday, October 17th:
Screen Shot 2020-10-16 at 14.26.34

Regarding the possible extension of the Geyser staking contract also to the DOUGH/ETH pool, we felt the current model adopted for DEFI+L since week 2 still needs some additional validation, so we’d prefer to postpone a bit its introduction.

New Incentives
We’ll be soon announcing some cool initiatives with Loopring, to incentivize the trading on their L2 zkRollup DEX. We’d propose to additionally allocate a total of 6k DOUGH as 30 days incentive for the trading of DOUGH, DEFI+S & DEFI+L on Layer 2. Stay tuned for more!