PIP 22: Week 4 incentive programs

Week 4 distribution:

For Week 4 we are glad to announce the distribution of an additional 150k DOUGH among all Liquidity Providers to eligible pools!

We propose to confirm the current incentive structure & programs active as of Week 3, extending the following to week 4, starting from today Saturday, October 24th:

As previously introduced, week 4 incentives will also target the trading on the Loopring L2 zkRollup DEX to be soon launched for the pairs $DOUGH/ETH, $DEFI+S/ETH & $DEFI+L/ETH! Additional details will be released shortly.

Long Term incentivization Model
Over the coming days, we’ll be proposing an incentive distribution model currently being explored that seems to effectively bring a longer-term value & sustainability to PieDAO’s incentive model (i.e. the possible extension of the geyser model to the DOUGH/ETH pool has not seen the light for this reason). Stay tuned!