PIP 28 - Rebranding Pie Tickers

This proposal follows a rough consensus formed in discord.

Unfortunately + symbols do not work with Twitter#, which is seriously impeding our ability to market our pies, connect with the broader community and keep the bakery conversation going.

As such I would like to propose a rebranding of the tickers, with a focus on simplicity and continuity.



DXP - DEFI Index Pie (previously DEFI++, this is THE index pie for truly diversified DEFI investing)
DLP - DEFI Large Pie (previously DEFI+L)
DSP - DEFI Small Pie (previously DEFI+S)
DDP - DEFI Degen Pie (previously DEFI+D)
USDP - USD Pie (previously USD++)
BTCP - BTC Pie (previously BTC++)

I would like to see formal discussion around this topic, before moving to a vote (snapshot?)

If the proposal passes I will be happy to post a blog detailing the rebrand. It could also be good to create some graphics celebrating the change, including coin symbols and material for social media.

Necessary updates:
These are the outlets we will need to communicate the rebrand to:

Please comment with more and I will update this list.

Once the proposal is finalised and passed I will connect with these parties to communicate the rebrand.


Great idea. 100% supportive of this.

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I agree and support the technical reasons for rebranding (Twitter functionality and continuity) however, do we need that many tickers on twitter?


  • Fragmentation causes confusion.
  • We’re assuming followers on twitter will know and use all the tickers when in reality the majority of people using them are those affiliated/knowledgeable of the project which leads to an echo chamber with little outside exposure/engagement

I lean towards driving to a generic @PieDAO mention or #PieDAO ticker then mention/describe the Pie’s by ticker/function without the # in twitter content preferably linking to a medium post/PieDAO site.

Focus on creating content for the official twitter channel that explains the value of PieDAO: Exposure to a new sector in Crypto/DeFi. Currently the majority of what is in the timeline is RT, and not even quoted RT but straight RT which drive no engagement to the twitter channel itself.

Overall: It seems like we’re focusing on an individual tactic vs addressing an overall marketing strategy.


I 100% agree. I’ve also noticed the “+” being an issue on Twitter and when searching for it on CoinGecko. I like the suggested names as well. This should be moved to a vote on snapshot soon.

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Glad to hear positive feedback.

Ben, really good insight, thank you!

I’ll be sure to look for regular opportunities to be more active in engaging the conversation, and I think the new tickers will 100% make this easier (We can easily locate those talking about our pies with tweetdeck etc).

I think you make a valid point here about twitter users not being too familiar with our pies, so I would suggest we focus efforts on our flagship pie DXP, and also continue to make content that familiarises users with our whole range. Stay tuned!

I do agree that the current search-limitation on Twitter represents an issue to fix. My only concern relates to the brand dilution that the rebranding could cause if not well managed.

I’ve started putting together a checklist to better track and prioritize all required actions on our end. Free to integrate

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I agree that dilution is an issue.

However I would say that would be minimised if we act swiftly, as we are still incredibly early with adoption of our products.

I also think the dilution will be cancelled out by the benefits the rebrand bring. The twitter hashtag is one reason, but they are also simpler and clearer in accordance with our recent marketing strategy to focus on simplicity.

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Is there any data on how cashtags perform relative to hashtags? Cashtags limit the ticker to 6, hashtags can be far longer. Neither can utilize symbols. $DEFIPiePie does not work as a cashtag, but does work as a hashtag. I guess I’m not clear if the 6 char limit has known gains.

I think removing the pluses to allow hashtags of the assets could be useful, but really dig having the brand embedded in the ticker in a recognizable way.

I agree with @Ben that generic @PieDAO mention or hash/cash tag is a more complete linking structure, and could be utilized as a useful overall marketing tactic to link broader assets to info about PieDAO as a whole.

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There was loads of great discussion in Discord last night, and an informal consensus may have been formed around a naming standard.

Three letter tickers
Last letter reflects the type of product:

P = Pool/ Pie (auto-rebalancing)
Y = Yield-bearing (e.g. upcoming DeFi pie with Aave’s aTokens)
M = managed pool



Having to work around some taken tickers here


Snapshot vote has been submitted:

Love the proposal. Thank you for working through all the different ideas here.

Slightly off topic, but can you give an example of a managed pool that would be marked M? Does that mean that allocations are adjusted by a single manager instead of by a community?

@jnova, As I understand it, yes. Though a lot of nuance to be ironed out, it would allow you to create your own Personal Pies with distributions you like, but with the added functionality of Pies bring such as streaming fees which could be worked out with a split between the manager and the DAO.

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Fwrd from discord:

Hey guys, the feedback on ticker rebrand has been that the proposed tickers weren’t clearly differentiated from our competitors.

In light of this I’d like to restart the discussion before moving to a second vote, polling the proposed tickers vs a second option, as well as the current ones that don’t work with Twitter.

This Snapshot will be clearly announced in advance to give everyone time to prepare.

I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts so we can wrap this up and move forwards.

Here’s my suggestion for more clearly recognisable tickers:


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