PIP 29: Focusing Marketing Messaging: The Hypothetical PieDAO User and their Core Needs

Pie DAO Marketing Hypothesis:

Hi all. I wrote a formal analysis of our community’s target user, in order to better focus our messaging and marketing efforts.

It would be great to get feedback from the community before moving forwards to test the hypothesis with a survey and interviews.

Target User:
Spanning a wide range of ages and experiences, the target PieDAO user has one thing in common: the need for an easy, safe and profitable way to invest in the rapidly growing DeFi and Ethereum space.

Three groups:

  • DeFi natives with experience using these tools (LPs and investors)
  • young and are recently exposed to DeFi, cryptocurrencies and investing in general
  • traditional finance backgrounds where index investing is commonplace.

All three identified groups are looking to make money investing in DeFi with easy to use and understand tools, that are secure, reliable and trustworthy.

These identified target users represent a large percentage of the growing cryptocurrency user-base, and PieDAO is positioned to capture a large market share.


In order to achieve this PieDAO must step forward with clear messaging harmonising with this large group of users’ needs, showcasing the opportunities our products present.

With clear and present messaging we aim to cut through the noise and demonstrate a direct path to easy, secure, and profitable cryptocurrency investing.

This target user may feel lost and intimidated by the huge range of DeFi activity.

As such a core focus of our strategy must be to focus on highlighting the strength of our community and fostering a welcoming presence in our discord chat and social media channels, an area we are currently excelling in.

Marketing strategy core themes:

  • Convenience
  • Outperform wider market
  • Security

PieDAO is perfectly positioned to directly address the three identified core needs of target investors.

We offer automatically rebalancing indices that make investing easy, profitable, and minimise risk.

As such our messaging should focus on how our products and community excel in these three areas, providing a clearly defined value-proposition.

Expanding on these core pillars:

The central premise here is that investing with PieDAO is easy.

PieDAO takes the hard work out of investing in DeFi, one of the fastest moving segments of the cryptocurrency industry.

While investors should always do their own research, the PieDAO community have done that research for you.

We build balanced indices that give complete exposure to DeFi markets at the click of a button.

Our pies enable investing in multiple DeFi tokens with just one transaction.

Our indices automatically rebalance as prices fluctuate, locking in profits and growing your holdings.

Our community are closely connected with DeFi projects, able to react swiftly in response to events.

Unlike day traders who can stare at charts 24/7, PieDAO allows you to continually profit from market movements without having to do anything yourself.

It’s a best of both worlds, invest in one of the fastest growing industries, with none of the headache.

Users save money investing with PieDAO right from the outset. Investors need to pay for just one transaction to get hold of DXP, which would have cost 13 (+13 for approving tokens = 26) otherwise.

Not just that, our pies outperform the tokens they’re made up of. That’s because as they continually rebalance they lock in gains from performing assets.

When a token underperforms, investor’s wide and balanced exposure minimises loss.

This is also applicable for endemic risks, including bugs and hacks.

Pies allow for profitable DeFi investing even in the face of black swan events.

Research has shown that index investing outperforms both buy and hold, and ~90% of active traders (research coming).

PieDAO are a community of DeFi natives who manage indices through democratic consensus. As a community we pool our knowledge and experience, leading to indices made up of quality DeFi projects including communities we are closely connected with.

In the cases where things go wrong, diversification protects users funds by minimising negative price exposure.

Investing in pies is as secure as it is easy. We build on Balancer pools, a proven and highly regarded backbone.

Our systems are fully audited by Quantstamp and MixBytes, some of the most highly respected in the industry.

Our indices are trustless and non-custodial, you will always be able to swap your index tokens for the underlying assets, any time, any day

We are a positive and welcoming community, with public developers who are known and respected in this industry.

Our familiarity is a key component of the security of PieDAO.

In short, investors can trust us.


I would like to propose a formal testing of this hypothesis with a user survey, to truly understand what investors are looking for and how they currently view PieDAO.

If further research confirms the hypothesis and that our conception of target users and their three core needs is accurate I propose all communications, content and community engagement is cognisant of these core principles moving forwards.

This analysis will form the backbone of our strategies moving forward.

Moving forwards I would like to AB test different messaging in order to assess which of these approaches is the most successful for conversation, looking at the key metrics of engagement (both community and financial growth). This will help us to further refine our messaging and branding.

What other core themes can we identify and test? Does this hypothesis match your own conception of our current and future users?


Hi. First message for me here.

As you may know, i’m writing articles about cryptos and mostly about DeFi. Mostly for the big French community.

I recently wrote an article about indexes, speaking about Pie DAO, and also translating you last article about the king of pie ! I was actually impressed by the number of feedbacks I had. A lot of people found it amazing and didn’t know about it.

I guess PieDAO is amazing and I completely agree with your core themes. BUT I think when you start to speak about Pie DAO you already speak to “hardcore” users. When you use discord/twitter/TG, and speak with other people like you (DeFI lovers), you have the feeling that all users know DeFi, so indexes is the next step. But in reality we are a very very very small niche.
I’m admin in several FB group, some with more than 14k members. And maybe 1% know what DeFi is. So First people need to know what DeFi is, then know what projects in each Pie are, and then you can speak about indexes and the advantages.

I think I’m lost in my reply… but basically I totally agree with you. Just keep in mind that Indexes and Pies are (IMO) a very rare product. It’s like the truffle of crypto. So before eating truffle, you need to educate people about good food, and taste. So it will take some time for mass adoption !


I completely agree, excellent feedback.

I believe there is going to be a huge amount of new users exposed to DeFi in the coming bull market, and a core part of our strategy should be to both present and simple to understand for these new users.

It would be great to involve your group with the survey if that would be possible.

yes with pleasure. Just let me know on discord. I can translate it if needed and share it .

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This is really great feedback. From an anecdotal pov the reason I was interested in PieDAO was due to the index style exposure to DeFi. That being said I randomly learned about DeFI/PieDAO from “The Defiant newsletter” from a link in a traditional business newsletter. At the time I was assessing my own ‘non-crypto’ financial situation which meant I had the working knowledge on what the S&P 500 is and its benefits.

However, from experience not many people have that knowledge and if they they do, it’s a hassle to ramp them all the way up to crypto/DeFi/Index. There is interest but we have to do work to bridge the massive gaps. I think @Cryptouf nailed it on the head when he said we’re “hardcore-ish” enthusiasts who did the work to get this far, but how can we create a “journey” for others.

So follow up questions are:

  • young and are recently exposed to DeFi, cryptocurrencies and investing in general - Where are they being exposed to DeFI? How can we be there when they are? Should we have pages on the PieDAO page that explains DeFi?(Early Awareness)
  • traditional finance backgrounds where index investing is commonplace. - mostly the same as above but also Traditional Fi knows crypto is coming - What are their needs? Big picture on DeFi future? What are their worries about DeFi possibly eating into their Traditional Fi and how can we re-frame to minimize fear about it.

Just some early thoughts but @williambrealey1 I think getting a lay of the land is a great start!