PIP 30 - Week8 Incentive Programs

Week 8 distribution:

Week 8 will see a total reward of 150,000 DOUGH distributed among all Liquidity Providers to eligible PieDAO pools!

Specifically, rewards will be distributed through the following incentive programs:

  • L2 Trading Incentives - We’ll keep running for the fourth & last week the trading incentives on Loopring’s L2 zkRollup DEX for the $DOUGH/ETH, $DEFI+S/ETH & $DEFI+L/ETH pairs, as detailed here

  • DEFI+S/ETH - the pool will keep receiving 20,000 DOUGH as a weekly reward distributed to LPs which staked their BPTs, proportionally to their BPT share per second.

  • DEFI+L/ETH - the pool will keep receiving 20,000 DOUGH as weekly reward eventually distributed to LPs according to the token geyser logic (deposit-seconds & accrued multiplier).

  • DEFI++ - 20,000 DOUGH will be proposed again as a nominal weekly reward distributed pro-rata to LPs staking their DEFI++ (fully escrowed and subject to vesting over 52 weeks).
    NOTE: ONLY DEFI++ should be staked to get reward, no ETH required!

  • DOUGH/ETH - the pool will receive 90,000 DOUGH as a nominal weekly reward distributed to LPs, of which

    • 52% distributed liquid along the week
    • 48% escrowed within the staking contract, and subject to 52 weeks vesting from the moment they are claimed
      Weekly reward distribution to staked BPT of the DOUGH/ETH pool will start as of Friday, November 20th, 4pm UTC.

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vote created here to enable the transfer of weekly rewards to PieDAO’s multi-sig