PIP 46: Re-balance DEFI+L to include SUSHI and YASS Sub-Pie

Definitely a big fan of this proposal, as this will also free up some much needed space in the Defi+L pie for other great projects that surfaced towards the end of the year and will most likely become a large cap very soon to be included, like The Graph (GRT).


I like the proposal. In saying this, would the DEFI+L transition to being its own PieVault on top or would it remain as an AMM?

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How about also adding Thorchain(RUNE), since it is now also available on Ethereum (ERC20)?

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I made this proposal specifically for the inclusion of SUSHI and discussion around a YASS subpie, but it does raise wider discussion points.

What are your thoughts on the topic of PieVault upgrade vs keeping the AMM and having a separate PieVault product?

If YASS does gain support here perhaps it could be released as a PieVault, as a first step towards +L PieVault.

Perhaps others can weigh on from a technical standpoint.

I think that RUNE is definitely worthy of discussion, and would love to see that in a seperate proposal and in the community Discord. This propsal is focused on SUSHI.

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More vaults please!


I dig this. I think a sub vault in +L would be really interesting, and allows more offerings than purely adding Sushi, which will better allow investors to tailor their fit.


I like the idea of adding YASS as a vault and a first step towards progressing +L into a vault. Simple and convenient product including of only the best-of-the-best earning competitive interest rates.


I am an absolute yass to $YASS PieVault :tipping_hand_man:

As well as it’s incorporation to DEFI+L


My humble feedback is related to this proposal: PIP40: Yield Farming - autoharvesting and reinvesting PIE

Just holding diversified tokens is so 2020.

If you have $SNX can mint synths and do some magic: https://medium.com/88mphapp/88mph-app-using-susd-fixed-rate-deposits-to-maximize-your-yield-792bced777

If you have $AAVE you can stake it natively, curently the biggest farm by value: https://www.coingecko.com/en/yield-farming

I suggest the tokens that form the YASS PIE are put to work

The exact complexity, risk-reward ratio - TBD TBC

Maybe lending underlying tokens to those who who want to farm?

My point again - just holding diversified tokens is so 2020 - the skill is to make them work for us :sunglasses:


I love the SushiSwap project and have high confidence in their leadership and core developers. Including SUSHI ASAP would be awesome. Longer-term I love the idea of these tokens being used to generate yields on top of capital appreciation. Could we include xSushi instead of Sushi?


Go for it!
As others mentioned, generating underlying yield would be awesome.

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+1 for xSushi

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Completely agree. I’d love to see YASS as a concentrated PieVault utilising the same bouncing method to automatically maintain the best yield for each underlying asset.

I think this could present a unique opportunity to gradually scale out PieVaults, beginning with YASS and moving to the full +L pending further community consensus after the results of YASS.

These core assets of YFI, AAVE, SUSHI and SNX provide some of the best active yield-generating opportunities so I think it makes complete sense to provide them as a bespoke PieVault.

Absolutely, glad to have your support for this!

It looks like there is clear preliminary consensus around both SUSHI inclusion and the YASS sub PieVault.

The allocation generated from Gabo’s backtesting looks excellent and I would be very happy to see this moved forwards.

Let’s see if there’s any more feedback in the next few days and then hopefully move this to a vote!


I agree…let’s get xSushi in the allocation versus SUSHI…take advantage of that massive trading revenue of the SUSHI platform!


for me, if we’re going to add another DEX to DEFI+L, may it be the second biggest, CRV and not sushi. I get sushi has grown quite a bit recently but CRV has also done quite a lot and increased their coin price too.

Borderline related.

YASS in the wild.

Is this vote still coming? Discussion seems a bit silent.

Sushi seems pretty integral to DEFI exposure. Both due to the fundamental features they’re looking to offer (not quite offered elsewhere it seems, onsen, bentobox), and their raw numbers around economic value captured. Strong yes on that one.

The benefits of a YASS pie remain a bit vague for me so feeling neutral on that.

The vote passed and now that DeFi+L PieVault migration has happened we can add the Sushi!

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Great news! Thanks for the update :pray:.

SUSHI has been added to the PieVault :slight_smile: