PIP 9 - Request to whitelist BAL pools

Per the update here: PieDAO $BAL Rewards policy

I would like to suggest whitelisting the following BAL pool:

cDAI 48% USD++ 50% COMP 2%


1)It’s currently the 2nd largest pool PieDAO pool with $1,113,467 liquidity
2)cUSDT pool is already whitelisted so It’s sensible to whitelist a cDAI pool as well to provide more options for people interested in joining

Note: Please be advised the suggested pool has a fee of 0.6%. I will let the community decide whether that’s an issue.

Overall I believe people should have broad range of options when it comes to liquidity providing so I would like to see more pools available.


I’m in favour of including this pool.

IMO whitelisting only certain pools should only be done to not fragment liquidity across many small pools.
It’s obvious that this pool has a lot of liquidity so it would make sense to me to whitelist it.

I’m pro adding the pool. I would like to make sure someone is taking charge of calling gulp() tho on all the COMP enabled pools.

The majority of that liquidity is mine. I’d love to automate gulp(). But not a dev. Any easy way to set that up or hire someone to?

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I am also in favor of adding this pool! :upside_down_face:

Has anyone made an OSS auto gulper bot that the PieDAO team could potentially run or subsidize for enabled pools? :thinking:

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Making an auto-gulp bot would not be that difficult to build but also sort of unreliable.
How ofter would you call gulp() for instance?