PIP - Advertising With Chico Crypto

Hey guys, glad to be here. I’m Tyler, the host of the YouTube channel Chico Crypto (https://www.youtube.com/c/ChicoCryptoConsultants/).
Back in April I came across PieDAO during one of my crypto researches and I decided to put together a short intro video on your first “Pie” BTC++ (vid here (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pmKnWX9FKBM), at min 6:00).

PieDAO has since then been shipping at a great pace a pretty unique product offering, but seems to be somehow still lacking the deserved awareness in the DeFi space.
In this sense, I’d be keen to propose an ongoing cooperation to PieDAO re the creation and distribution of branded contents through my YouTube channel.

Here some stats on the Chico Crypto channel:

  • 154k subscribers;
  • about 6 vids/week produced;
  • on avg. 35k views per video within few days from release

My proposal would entice the production of:

  1. #1 Integrated Video Review introducing PieDAO (3-5 mins length out of the total 12 minutes video) - posted on the Chico Crypto YouTube channel, and shared on all social media outlets.
  2. #2 by-weekly updates per month (recurring) on PieDAO during our live streams (3-5 mins length) - posted on the Chico Crypto YouTube channel, and shared on all social media outlets.
  3. #1 Full video review on PieDAO (10-15 mins) - posted onto the Chico Crypto YouTube channel, and shared on all social media outlets.

Framing the above as an ongoing cooperation, I’d be glad to recognise in exclusive to PieDAO a 50% discount off my nominal rates. So:

  1. $ 5k for an Integrated video review
  2. $ 5k/months for #2 by-weekly updates (recurring)
  3. $12.5k for a Full video review (if requested)
    (payments 50% in ETH + 50% in DOUGH, made 3 days in advance to posting date).

Looking forward to lifting this cooperation off the ground!

Link to the IPFS proof of address!


Hey @ChicoCrypto, awesome having you around :+1:t2:
Big fan of your content, so I would definitely support this proposal.

Think an integrated video rewiev (point 1) would be an excellent start to better frame in PieDAO, and ideally give an intro on its DeFI indices. I’d suggest to put up a vote for this. Great stuff :ok_hand:t2:

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First time I’ve heard about Chico Crypto was during the 1Hive/HNY bull run on the xDai chain.

A lot of newcomers came to the Discord after learning about it on his channel and started investing in Honey so the price pumped to 1200$ and now that the craze is over, this token and platform is slowly dying, currently below 300$.

Chart available here: https://info.honeyswap.org/pair/0x4505b262dc053998c10685dc5f9098af8ae5c8ad

So on the short term, I can see how it would be a great advertisement but wouldn’t it hurt the project on the long term if we end up in a pump and dump cycle?


Hey Pierrick good point.

Still, I see this a bit as a known side-effect of advertisement: a well-thought-out marketing campaign could potentially attract the mass, but then it’s up to the project to really show its intrinsic value and retain users over time. Same for investors.

Aside from this, I’ve actually appreciated Chico’s commitment to give continuity to this cooperation, which I think could be a discriminant factor to help sustain a growing interest around PieDAO


Hey Chico, great proposal!

It would be amazing to see PieDAO highlighted on your channel, so I would support this proposal.

Regarding pump and dump I think that to some extent this is inevitable as brand new assets emerge and go through price discovery. What’s important isn’t the price of the token, but how many users we can bring to our community.

Personally I think new users who find us through Chico will be impressed with the valuable service we provide with automated rebalancing indices and DEFI exposure.


PieDAO definitely needs more eyes but I’m skeptical on ROI with these types of promotional efforts. Personally I think we should measure the impact of this kind of promotional efforts via shortlink tracking if possible.

That being said can we ask Tyler to share live examples of an integrated video and a full video review? Having a dedicated video on his channel can help with visibility in general.

I agree with the fact that it will drive attention in the short term but to a mixed audience that might not all be aligned to the same goals we look to foment in DOUGH holders: long term, engaged, contributing members. IMO money and energies might be better spent working with YT channels such as interaxis(or similar!) - They are niche channels that have no where near the audience size as chico crypto but at least its a well defined audience - legacy financial managers that need to get up to speed on crypto. And PieDAO ‘products’ are right up their alley. Difference between fishing with a net and spear fishing - quantity vs quality. Just my two cents.


I appreciate the idea but I would not be in favor of this. I’ve never heard of Chico Crypto and I honestly find it disingenuous for someone to come in here and propose something that would make themselves money. The 50% “discount” makes it sound even worse for me. Just being honest.

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Honey isn’t dying man, sorry if hype cycles cause you to think platforms are dying, but honey & 1hive have created some dame cool things in the space! Please don’t just look at price, and look at what was done for the growth of their community! Thanks

Well being honest, it wasn’t my idea! The 50 percent discount was though…

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Thanks! Hope to get this through!

Thanks for the support william!

Hey @ChicoCrypto, thanks for following up on this one!

The collaboration with Chico is in my opinion an essential part of a larger set of marketing initiatives designed to bring awareness to the brand and give visibility on a continuous basis to the many things happenings within the community and the development cycles in PieDAO.

Many people in the discord channel have been asking to work with communicators towards reinforcing the brand and distribute the benefits of PieDAO to a larger audience, on this regard Chico can do an excellent job, he has great communication skills and the ability to condense a ton of information effectively, that’s the reason why I reached out to him after seeing his previous coverage on PieDAO and we worked on putting together a proposal for the DAO to evaluate.

Regarding @Ben’s point, I think a short link is a great idea and I strongly agree a collaboration with interaxis would also be interesting, as a matter of fact, I’ve been in touch with him about that in the past as well. The two are not mutually exclusive, in fact, they would be complementary as it would be desirable to have both types of content, one which is designed to be highly engaging (ie: the animation Chico made on BTC++ in the past), and one which has an academic flavor like the whiteboarding sessions Adam makes on interaxis.

Ideally, we would have a highly engaging source of content and guide those people in the funnel to an in-depth video going into the details.

@tomuky appreciate the honesty, I hope my answer can help contextualize!


Relaying here from Discord: votes are up proposing a first video assignment to ChicoCrypto ($ 5k total)

50% in DOUGH: https://client.aragon.org/#/piedao/0x109b588a4f2a234e302c722f91fe42c5ab828a32/vote/301/

50% in ETH: https://client.aragon.org/#/piedao/0x109b588a4f2a234e302c722f91fe42c5ab828a32/vote/302/

can’t agree more ! What’s that ???
I should become a youtuber . 5k for a review ??? i do that all the time for free…

I think the spirit of a DAO is gone with something like that. Community members, works together to improve a protocol. Just because they like it. And then they can vote to reward the main contributors. But you don’t do it for that.


Proposal passed. Waiting for timeout to enact.

I’ve never really followed Chico Crypto myself, but I do know he has a good following. If you look at the one thing that the Defi Pulse Index (Set Protocol) has going for, it is the embedded marketing machine tied to defipulse.com. I’m a value guy myself, but relative to the size of this project and where I think it could go, I’d be open to taking a shot at this to see if we get any value. If this is part of a broader concentrated marketing push, I could get on board. Let’s test this for a few months and see what happens. We need some popular influencers to help build awareness. I’m all for it, but again I can’t vote due to not owning V1 DOUGH.


what’s the ETA?


i like the PieDAO project a lot, and i wouldnt be here without Chico mentioning it


Great to hear so @oilreg!

I’ll propose to move on with a new video assignment for @ChicoCrypto, given the amount of crazy-new stuff coming up in PieDAO’s pie-peline!

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