PolkaDOT pie vault

I’m not sure if this is possible with piedoa, but wanted to float this idea.

Dot ecosystem pie. a pie with a little bit of all the polka dot projects. Not sure if it could be a pie vault like Yipe.

A lot of them can stake as well, so if the pievault could stake them, project like mantra dao, edgware are small market cap…, project like ksm also lot of interest and support. Chance for huge up side and while you wait you gain staked value. I have been investing in a few and its very time consuming and expensive to buy move tokens around stake.etc.

One token to back all dot ecosystem sounds great to me


Do those tokens have an ERC20 representation?

Maybe in the future if there is demand? https://www.wrapped.com/

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Most are launched on the ETH platform, with plans to move over to the Polkadot main net. Not many have moved over, if any, as far as I know. But I would love to get exposure to the $DOT ecosystem via a PieDAO token. That would be perfect!