PoolTogether Pool

GE Name: PoolTogether Pool
Time frame : July 15th - July 30th 2021
Hypothesis: For DAO, PoolTogether can help increase exposure and reward holders. For general public, index from PieDAO help reduce volatility risk in this turbulent market. Win-win!

Description: Use PoolBuilder https://builder.pooltogether.com/ to setup prize length and details. I would suggest the following:

  1. Deposit token (token users should deposit): DEFI+L, since seems to have the highest 24hour trading volume (according to coingecko). Should therefore be easier for non-holders to buy.
  2. Prize period: 15 days
  3. Number of Winners: 5
  4. Random Number Generator (RNG) Service: chainlink
  5. Prize: 400 $DEFI+L and 3800 $DOUGH (I think a bit over 2.5k USD total, so 500 USD per winner)

Metrics: Total deposits on pool, number of players.
Definition of success: Total social media posts, DEFI+L and DOUGH holders pre and post campaign My Dune Analytics foo skillz are not top-notch, can someone help get this?
Resources: $2500 for sponsorship, time to setup Pool (seems intuitive and quick with their builder), social media campaign.

Deliverables for GE Champion

  • [ ] Number of DEFI+L and DOUGH holders (I’ll need help).
  • [ ] PoolTogether Pool (how could I deposit the needed tokens?)
  • [ ] Social media campaign pieces
  • [ ] What worked well?
  • [ ] What worked poorly?
  • [ ] Present results of the GE to the monthly community call.

Hey all,
I’m a fairly active PoolTogether community member and caught the scent of this baking in the oven. If there’s any questions from the PoolTogether side of things I’d be happy to help and answer them where I can.


I think this is a great idea. It would be really good exposure to be the first index pool on PoolTogether. I’m sure others won’t be far behind. Is there enough interest here to get this to a vote? Let’s make it happen.

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I’m curious to know what happens with that investment if

  • If there is enough interest in the Pool, and deposits > sponsorship
    ** Does the pool start again automatically?
    ** Do we need to transfer found every time?
  • If there’s not enough interest in the Pool, and deposits < sponsorship
    ** Do we loose the investment?

PoolTogether seems to be a known brand, definitively would get us some exposure, my concern relies on the reputational damanga that having a pool with no entries may have, and that depends if DeFi+L holders really see a benefit on Deposition on this product.