Product Improvements Roadmap Q1 2021

Redirect homepage to pools links to a landing page with minimal content while gives a better overview of the organization and its products. So it would be worth redirecting to show the content currently present on pools.

Right now the navigation is fragmented, due to the use of several modals and “back” buttons.
My proposal is to redesign the navigation using a left sidebar layout on desktop and a tab-navigation (alternatively can be a bottom tabbar or hidden sidebar) on mobile.


  • Design new navigation
  • Test new design
  • Implement new design

Language Support
As the application is used more and more by users in different geographies and as more content is produced in different languages, it would be beneficial to support different language for the UI.

  • Identify languages
  • Identify and set up multilanguage tool for the app
  • Translate UI

PIE & Holdings Analytics
As we are releasing more Pies) it is becoming important to show more detailed performance data.

  • Identify what data is possible to extract
  • Design components
  • Test design
  • Implement design

As we are releasing more products (PIEs, Oven, Farming Pools) it is becoming important for the users to be able to check all their activities (PIEs holdings, Oven positions, Farming stats, etc.) on the app.

  • Identify what data is possible to extract
  • Design components
  • Test design
  • Implement design

A section collecting useful articles, tutorials, videos with educational content

  • Collect content
  • Create and maintain repository
  • Design website page
  • Implement page (pull data from repository)

Risk Score
Different Pies represents different potential risks and users should be better aware of that.

  • Identify risk metrics and labels
  • Assign risk metrics to Pies accordingly
  • Design Risk Score Component
  • Implement component

Dashboard Empty State
If the users have not interacted with the application before (and if they don’t have connected their wallet yet) there won’t be any data to show in the dashboard.
However this is a good opportunity to propose an onboarding (conversational TBD) associated to risk score, so that first time users can be guided to the best Pies that match their risk tolerance level.

  • Design Onboarding
  • Test Onboarding
  • Implement design

Oven Page
Some user don’t find the concept of the oven straight forward enough so we need to explain benefits and implications clearly

  • Clarify how the oven works
  • Consider finding alternative glossary (e.g. Bake vs Deposit)
  • Identify possibility to introduce some sort of progress bar (with ETA TBD)
  • Consider adding balance (e.g. eth in the oven; PIE ready to withdraw) directly on the page (most likely the table)
  • Implement design

Oven Input
Some user find the Oven difficult to use. For the one that used it already, they find difficult the fact that to check their balance (e.g. eth in the oven; PIE ready to withdraw) have to open the modal.

  • Survey users (and collect previous feedback shared on Discord)
  • Consider finding alternative glossary (e.g. Bake vs Deposit)
  • Consider having the input already on the oven page (instead of the modal)
  • Consider adding dropdown select for the Pie to bake
  • Consider how to solve residual ETH (the one that go over the 10ETH limit)
  • Consider the possibility to add “gas status” on the table so that users understand why it is not baking yet even if the 10 ETH limit was reached
  • Design component
  • Implement component

Individual Pie Page
Expanding functionalities and data and improve usability.

  • Add more analytics
  • Add user balance
  • Add risk score
  • Consider adding BAKE/BUY/SELL/MINT/REDEEM (TBD)
  • Consider 2 columns layout
  • Consider having the (bake/buy etc.) input already open on the page
  • View on coin gecko badge
  • Design components
  • Implement components

PieDAO Swag
More and more users are asking to buy (or be rewarded with, in the case of bounties) PieDAO swag items such as socks or t-shirts

  • Explore possibility of using NFTs
  • Identify formats and providers (most likely, on-demand)
  • Design swags
  • Design swag page
  • Implement swag page
  • Connect swag page to printful

FAQ Sections
It would be useful to have an expandable component to convey additional informations about the products and the DAO in general

  • Write content
  • Design Component
  • Implement Component

Agreed, would put that lower in priority, as it feels like a lot can still be done in the website before adding that level of complexity.

Data which easily extractable:

  • Holdings of pies
  • Oven position
  • Dough holdings across LP, eDOUGH, etc

The only point of friction I see is related to historical data for a specific user. I believe this could be easily solvable with a graph. /cc @Pierrick

I’m not quite sure the User balance would make sense in that specific page. All the other points look great.

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