Promotional Ideas for PieDAO

just brainstorming…

  • Make a Pie Party, this would work like Coinbase EARN, … people watch a couple of educational clips must give the proper answers, and EARN some of our Pies (BCP, DeFi++, PLAY … ) this would work only on L2 and it would cost us far less then traditional advertising…
  • there are stupid games out there what people play to earn cryptos, like a play to earn thingie, i dont know any of them, but i have friends playing them so i could ask… so idea is to provide them with some of our Pies… and people on their platforms could earn some pies… again … only L2

this is mostly to create awareness of PieDAO, and once people get some Pie Gifts they might look into it closer…


How about a minigame that simulates running a bakery and earn $SLICEs of pie by selling them?
BTW, I’m working my main game first so I’m not so free…

I like the idea of using Slice, and the game. yet it will require veDough holders to act as LPs. Getting pies on L2 has liquidity constraints, but we could do games that you can access it you hold our products and earn bounties

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I wonder bounty hunting is really a thing in this space? Still struggling to work on my traditional workspace in real life…

I don’t think this is a bad idea. I had similar ideas myself.
However, of course we cannot participate to the Coinbase EARN, not being listed in Coinbase.
Also I can assure Coinbase wants big $$ to be included in the EARN program.
Additionally, do not underestimate the effort required to produce all those informative material, quiz, games, etc.
Worth it? Maybe.
I’d start with something that we could actually develop and measure performances.

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i dont really use coinbase… its just a stone old account i have there…
but 2 PieDAO products are listed there as tradeable assets

seems its listed cause of some wallet connect thingie…
anyhow… the idea was just to have some own EARN program…

I see. Well, I am actually going to post a proposal about an ambassador program soon.
The first tier to get into the ambassador program would be something like:

  • Pass a quiz to prove understanding of PieDAO core concepts, Pies, staking, governance, etc.
  • Follow PieDAO page on twitter
  • Subscribe PieDAO newsletter
  • Join PieDAO discord
  • Change her twitter name to Name #PieDaoCampaignName (can vary based on current campaign)
  • Post 10 different campaign-related tweets in 10 different days
  • Use referral link to bring at least 10 people to follow PieDAO on Discord/Twitter/Newsletter (referral can also be a standalone; e.g. every person you bring we give you 10 DOUGH which would be a very cheap acquisition cost in any market)
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… i dont even dare to say L2 anymore :smiley:
however i know really a bunch of people which would love to do the ambassdor thingie and the impression mining… but on L1 they are out (gassed) to get into PieDAO in the first place…

so overall i wanted to say… all valid and great ideas … but we should focus on the most pressing things first


One way to promote the DAO would be to sponsor Bankess podcasts. I listen/watch these podcasts to learn about any crypto thing out there. In fact I discovered PieDAO thanks to a link in one of their articles. Waiting for some $PLAY to bake in the oven since then!
I have seen they are sponsored by, for example, Uniswap Grants. They spend some time mentioning a sponsor in each video/article/podcast. Uniswap paid 15.000USD to sponsor Bankless for the month of april.

You can check the number of video replays in their youtube channel.

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Yes, we are in touch with them already!


another idea which just jumped into my mind … but it would only work with yield bearing assets like YPIE, and naturally only if we had a L2 deployment on Polygon…
… a PooltogetherPie… they have community Pools… the v4 version is pretty decent when it comes to chances of winning, and i kina like it…
imho would also get more people into PieDAO simply cause with a small investment you can win nicely …
just a thought which crossed my mind

I think an interactive NFT that also represents a PIE? I dunno it is just an idea that I dumped on you…